True/False Test

My Original True/False Testwas left unsolved on the ATMB forum, so I thought I’d see if I’d have better luck in the Game Room.

How is your knowledge of trivia? Better than mine, probably. But no matter.

Answer each question below either True or False, paying scant attention to whether the numbered statement is actually fact or fiction. That’s not really the important thing.


True or False:

_1. The average weight of an unopened carton of new sale flyers at Wegmans stores is 55 pounds.

_2. A good oracle can foretell the future better than a bad one.

_3. Vincent van Gogh always regretted painting a self portrait and eventually tried to destroy every one he made.

_4. The rutabega is the world’s oldest cultivated root vegetable.

_5. Poland’s Official National Root Vegetable is the turnip.

_6. Bottles of ale sent to the United States from Belgium tend to rate higher in quality than those imported here from England, according to Beer Journal.

_7. “The Oilskin Brigade” was a covert umbrella-wielding Macintosh-wearing team of elite CIA assassins who would only kill during driving rainstorms.

_8. One natural way to control an infestation of fleas is to sprinkle ground mint leaves on your pet’s bedding.

_9. Fourteen first ladies have owned cats.

_10. A blue flask will help keep and preserve rum better than a red or silver one.

_11. The entire Turkish Embassy in Washington DC consists of only two rooms and a bathroom.

_12. According to a widely quoted article in the first issue of Life, Las Vegas was the best city in 1936 in which to live in the United States.

  1. F
  2. T
  3. F
  4. T
  5. T
  6. F
  7. T
  8. F
  9. T
  10. F
  11. T
  12. F

We will see if I managed to get this in an actual spoiler box…

They are all false.

You got 100%, **Ulf the Unwashed **. Well done. I am impressed!

Now if someone could just post the correct answers to the previous True/False test…


And this is why test scores continue to fall as our education system shambles slowly towards the precipice.


True enough. However that is not relevant for the puzzle. The answers I was looking for are the ones given by Ulf The Unwashed.

Which weighs more: All the trains that pass through Grand Central Station in a day, [INDENT]or
All the trees cut down in a year to print US currency?[/INDENT]

I am guessing the trees weigh more than the trains…?

I think this is

[SPOILER] one of those semantic things. The building in Manhattan is technically called Grand Central Terminal, not Station, and anyway it is indeed a terminal, meaning an end point, so no trains go “through” the place, just in and out. (However, the nearby subway station IS sometimes known as Grand Central Station, and trains do indeed go “through” it…so it depends on the definitions you’re using. (For that matter there may well be a Grand Central Station in some other community that I don’t know about, which gives other possibilities…) anyway, I think the answer to part one would be Zero.

Seems like I read somewhere that US currency is made of rag from mostly cotton, so the answer to part two would be Zero as well. But I’m less sure about that.[/SPOILER]

So the ultimate answer would be the same amount

This time, send sandwiches.

Thank you! It was quite the adventure! But I enjoyed it and am happy to have come through it safely.

Perhaps I shall look at your previous puzzle in the near future. By the way, is it the case, or not, that the Montreal Canadiens have won more games versus the Toronto Maple Leafs than against any other team?

Boston Bruins?

enalzi is the winner!

Inside Man is a very excellent movie. Knowing the solution to the riddle that the Clive Owen character poses will not spoil the film.

Watch it! If you haven’t already.

Even with Ulf’s answer template, I still can’t figure it out. Unless:

If the statement is a matter of verifiable fact, true; if unverifiable, or a matter of opinion, false.

But that doesn’t seem to fit with the spoilered answer in post #15 above, and knowing Biotop, it won’t be anywhere near as simple as that, anyway.

Can a dumber than your average bear get a clue?


True or False:
13. The Trump Administration hired bellydancers to make America gyrate again.

  1. Belgian waffles are not from Belgium at all, but instead were first produced in Wales.

According to the puzzle rules, one of these statements is true, and one false. Note that the original linked puzzle does not work the same way.

My answers and a comment.

13. T
14. F

If I did it right I got the same answers as Ulf except on the last one.[/spoiler]

The last one?

  1. Ulf easily solved a very difficult puzzle without any error as far as I can see.