Matching Test

My Original Matching Test was left unsolved on the ATMB forum, so I thought I’d see if I’d have better luck in the Game Room.

The rules are simple. Match the real SDMB poster with the correct imaginary thread title. Figure these out and you really deserve a A+.

_1. Bear_Nenno
_2.** Desert Nomad**
_3. digs
_4.** Ellis Dee**
_5.** ElvisL1ves **
_6. Fear Itself
_7. Grrr!
_8. kayaker
_9. Lizard
_10. OldGuy
_11.** puzzlegal**
_12.** Robot Arm**
_13. Sunny Daze
_14. The Tooth
_15. Ulf the Unwashed
_16. wolfpup

A. My husband is abroad studying Urdu dialects

B. Our family trip to Bolivia in September is ON!

C. Is Uber better than Lyft?

D. I heard a funny Trident commercial today on WLTW radio.

E. When my wife is in Israel, can she get decent cell phone service?

F. What image on a coin looks like an eggplant?

G. Was Russia really able to influence the 2016 election?

H. Some nefarious scoundrel ransacked my apartment and stole my circus peanuts

I. What’s gnawing on my wooden leg?

J. Why did I order anchovies on my pizza?

K. A moose killed my sister

L. Anybody remember the TV soap Margaret Thatcher briefly appeared on?

M. Is Aunt Sarah a skilled pancake maker?

N. Was there really ever a Lombardy Pudding Elk?

O. Which vegetables attract no garden pests at all?

P. Weird public pool lets octopi swim with regular bathers

Congratulations to Ulf the Unwashed for solving the older Matching puzzle from ATMB! That was a toughie.

Warning: The mechanism for this puzzle is different from the earlier one.

Thanks for using my name in this puzzle! Makes me feel famous.

I have the trick for this one but a couple don’t quite make sense. Either I’m looking at them the wrong way or there’s a reference I don’t know…anyway, here’s what I have:

A: Ellis Dee
B: Elvis L1ves
C: puzzlegal
D. Me!!!
E: Sunny Daze
F: kayaker
G: wolfpup
H: Grrr!
I: Fear Itself
J: Robot Arm
K: digs
L: OldGuy
M: Desert Nomad
N: The Tooth
O. Lizard
P: Bear Nenno

The last is the one I’m least sure about. However, it’s the one left over after everything else, so…

Great job! You are truly test proficient Ulf The Unwashed.

The ones for ElvisL1ves, wolfpup, and Bear_Nenno are not the answers I have. But the last two at least are kind of hard even if you know the theme.

One of the three above is common Latin, one is pretty well known to rock music fans, and one is a common word in spanish.

Ah, okay! That makes more sense. I could justify my answers for ElvisL1ves and wolfpup, but didn’t especially LIKE either of them. And as I said I did not make any connections between the last thread title and the username Bear_Nenno. Thought maybe it was a reference to a professional wrestler or something…

I did dredge the “rock music fan” one out of me when you gave that clue and was a little bit surprised that I had not made that connection…I was thinking about a different entertainer in an earlier era, not about the one you had in mind.

So, revision for those three:
G–Bear Nenno
P–Elvis L1ves