poll test

Just seeing how many characters I can have in a poll choice

It’s 100 characters in case anyone cares.

I choose option B.

A request for another SDMB test?

OK. Why not?

Having failed previous tests here and here, perhaps it is time to see if any posters at the SDMB can pass the simplest of all tests: Matching.

And thematically, this test goes well with the OP. Can you match the “characters” (SDMB posters) with their appropriate thread titles?

_1. Baker
_2. Bone
_3. Chronos
_4. Crane
_5. Declan
_6. DrDeth
_7. elbows
_8. enipla
_9. glee
_10. Giles
_11. Iggy
_12. Leaper
_13. Oly
_14. Sage Rat
_15. snoe
_16. treis**

A. I Met Big Bird

B. My Kitchen Table is Unsteady

**C. ** Out With the Old, In With the New

**D. ** My Hero Dog Alerted Me to a Fire

E. * I Bought a New Boat*

**F. ** The War Thread

**G. ** What’s That Bell Ringing Noise I Hear?

**H. ** What is Sacred to You?

**I. ** I Agreed with Two Others

**J. ** I Dance Uninhibited

K. So I Tried on a Suit of Armor and This Happened

*L. ** * Something for the Peacemakers of the World

**M. ** A Big Name in Hollywood

**N. ** Unmarried? Post Here!

**O. ** I Got Something in my Eye

**P. ** A Thread for All the Little Guys

d) All of the above.

You shouldn’t play with matches.

I’m tellin’ Mama.

Looks like a lot of SDMB posters are matching … F…as in fail.

I’ll go with H for myself.

No Sage Rat, that is not correct. Your sagacity is well known, but there is another thread title that is a better link for you.

Try again. The great thing about a matching test is that every one you get right will then make it easier to match the others!

These are the best test results. The very best.

The best test results from the best students will determine whether the SDMB is passed or forever within the fiery pit of failure. You students can solve these tests! Believe.

There are some real characters on this Board. More than 100, I’d wager.

And yet I wasn’t able to come up with a 17th poster/thread title to thematically match. I ran out of ideas at 16. :dubious:

Funny ------ I lost my hope for the future at 16. :wink:


This is an extremely impressive puzzle. Well done, Biotop!

And well done to you!

I think this was the only unsolved test puzzle left on ATMB. You can probably see why there were only 16 names. I couldn’t come up with another!

I lost mine at 17. No, wait, or was that my virginity?

Did you lose your hope for being a virgin in the future?

Women everywhere lost their hope for the future. My bad.