Darn it ------ late and naked again. Just like in my dreams.

So after failing college level Test thread after Test thread after Test thread after Test thread, perhaps one might come to the conclusion that SDMB posters are not as academically advanced as advertised. Sigh.

I think the problem is that we need to go back to high school.

The rules are simple. I give you the definition. You supply the proper word. In the spirit of fairness and encouragement I will tell you the words are ordered properly and I will give you the second-to-last letter of each. Now let’s see who can pass this high school test and move on to better things.


  1. Not a good guy: _ A _

  2. You might carry this on a trip: _ _ _ E _

  3. Type of dish: _ _ _ _ _ T _

  4. Gorge: _ _ _ T _

  5. Composer: _ I _

  6. Fabric: _ I _

  7. East Indian tree: _ _ _ _ _ O _

  8. Comic’s tool : _ _ R _

  9. Taken care of: _ _ _ _ _ E _

  10. Spiritual peak: _ _ R _

  11. Variety of citrus: _ _ _ M _

  12. Add a lot of water to: _ _ _ _ T _

  13. Number seven: _ _ _ _ A _

  14. Number six: _ _ R _

  15. Gloomy: _ _ _ _ _ N _

  16. Mythical creature: _ Y _

If we’re in highschool, meet me under the bleachers, we’ll get high. It’s the only way to test!

Good thing this is not a drug test! See you there.

Voldemort. :cool:

Why the fuck is it that of all the threads I start the ones that get the most responses are test threads in ATMB?!

Think of it as a test.

Don’t be so testy:)

Because we love you and think you are awesome. :slight_smile:

Alas not even close to correct. No higher level for you.

This took way too long, lol


10: Satori

Awesome Blank Slate! You have passed your SAT test. You are accepted to college. And here I thought all these tests would remain unsolved.

Missing 2 answers still for a tidy conclusion. Anyone?

Ah, thanks. I had to look up the composer, but I’m embarrassed for not getting the dish right away.

  1. Satellite
  2. Satie


Thank you. These are like SDMB easter eggs.

Because I usually visit ATMB first and I have almost no life?

I really enjoyed writing the True/False and Matching tests-- and they are still unsolved at this time (as is the Makeup test, which is just kind of silly). I would be interested if someone could come up with another poster/thread combo for the Matching test. I had to stop with only 16. Someone adding another would very much impress me.