Snapple "Real facts"

Obviously #36 is bogus…any others?

Pretty sure #1 has been disproven; number 31 too.

And #165 looks to be a typo, but technically it’s incorrect.

#39 An ant’s smell is stronger then a dog’s

Right before I bathe her, my dog smells pretty strong. Way stronger than an ant!


There’s all kinds of typos. My only comment:

I don’t wear lipstick, so some poor dame out there has had to consume 12 lbs. worth.

#20, What about cauliflower?

[Q]#68 The longest one syllable word is “screeched”[/Q]
false – “strengths” is the same length, and has the additional merit of only containing one vowel.

Cauliflower comes to mind as the obvious response, but it could be argued that it’s basically the same plant. However, an artichoke is also a flower, I believe.

This has been done here before. Plus, it should read “can be folded in half more than 7 times.”

Looks like the standard fare of slightly surprising facts and rumor.

Yeah, #165 looks like a truncation of 147.
#137 looks dubious to me, but who knows.
#117 is busted - Thornback rays turn their stomach’s inside out too.

That must mean the first United States penny: Britain had earlier pennies which lacked that motto,

The first vacuum existed long before horses existed, or indeed the Earth existed. Do they mean the first vacuum cleaner?

{QUOTE]#138 Hawaii is the only U.S. state that grows coffee

#139 Hawaii is the only state with one school district

Noting the lack of “U.S.” before “state” in #139, I would just point out that New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia are each only one school district. (Even if the term “school district” is not used in Australia.)

An urban legend created for an urban legend study. This just shows how piss-poor these “facts” are.

Oh, I’ve gotten that one. It actually says, “Panama is the only country where you can see the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean and set over the Pacific Ocean.” I think they must mean from the same place, right? Surely there are places in Central or South America that you could drive from one coast to the other in 12 hours, aren’t there? And what about the southern tip of Argentina? Or is it the Anatarctic Ocean down there?

I hate those things. I find them utterly infuriating, but ultimately they always leave me resenting the fact that I’ve wasted so much time thinking about a bottle cap. Cripes, I’ve probably invested several times more thought than whatever idiot came up with the “Facts” in the first place.

Some excellent examples, from the neighborhood of #165:

#162: The temperature of the Sun’s core (the hottest part of the Sun) is 15 million degrees Centigrade, or 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.

#163: The motto is Mind your business, Not “Mind your own business.” The first one-cent coin (officially is no such US coin as the “penny.”) was called the “Fugio” cent, because it has a sundial on it to remind us that time flies, and was was designed by . . . well, I bet you can guess who! Benjamin Franklin. (Who else?)

See? Isn’t that infuriating? Aren’t you unfuriated? They take two very cool bits of human knowledge and the screw them up for absolutely no freaking reason other than stupidity. STUPIDITY!

Did they insert errors just to be “cute”? “Cute”? In “quotes”? Just like “Facts”? Did they deliberately get them wrong, just to misinform idiots and make everyone else crazy? DAMMIT, I HATE. THEM. SO. MUCH.

I’ve switched to Honest Tea, in case you’re wondering, and I feel much better.

#20 is bullshit. Ladies and gentlemen behold the cauliflower I mean come on the word flower is in the name for crying out loud. (I see on preview several of you beat me to the punch. Cruse you all!)
#71 Big ugly is a creek in West Virginia, not a town cite
Numbers 147 and 165 appear to be the same (165 is missing some words) and they are I believe both false. In Chile You have the Atlantic to the east, and the Pacific to the west. Since South America comes to a point there, there has to be some place where you can see the sun rise on one ocean and set on the other.
Number 178 is also wrong . Off by 10 years and $0.50.
Number 179. The Statue of Liberty is a lighthouse? I must have missed that memo. :smiley:

I’d guess that it’s the only place where you can see the sun rise over the Pacific and set over the Atlantic. If you count the bay that the Panama canal connects to at the northern end as the Atlantic, then there is an east-west span of maybe 40 km. On a hill in the middle on a clear day, you probably could see that. The Wikipedia map I was using for this.

Certainly 165 is just a truncated 147.

But #147 is actually good. Read it again.

If the sun rises over the Pacific, then it’s the Pacific, not the Atlantic, that is to the east and the Atlantic, not the Pacific, that is to the west. That’s because of the “S” shape of the isthmus.

Beaten to it by the walrus!!! Darn you, iamthewalrus(:3=!!!

Hey, at least I had the decency to give him a chance to go back and figure it out himself. :wink:

Sure, whatever makes you happy. :wink:

Probably a garbled version of Otto van Guericke’s famous experiment.

Another gem:

But to what depth? I mean, that water could probably cover the entire continent, if you’re willing to accept an undetectably thin film of water.

And I suspect that there was some cross-talk between numbers 151 and 152… The fastest tennis serve and the fastest bicyclist were the exact same speed? And 154 mph sounds awfully fast for a bike… Isn’t the record somewhere in the 60s?

Mosquitos have 47 teeth is on there twice.