True Lies, and DC location

True Lies is one of my all time favorite get-the-popcorn-and-soda movies. For some reason, it’s been on the cable networks about a hundred times in the last month or so - anyone know why?

Anyway, there’s a scene where they take Carlos (the faux spy car salesman) out to a remote location on the edge of a dam/bridge. Now, forgive me for looking for a little reality here, but the Washington DC area doesn’t seem like the kind of geography where you’d find a big dam like that. Anyone know if there’s really a place like that in the area? or where it was really shot?

And if I go to the keys, is there still a big crater where they set off that bomb?

Here’s the list of filming locations given by the IMDb:

Like most movies set in Washington, D.C., nothing made sense geographically about that film.

According to the IMDb, there’s a sequel coming out this year.

I don’t know why but I’m loving it! I never miss a showing

I know why you never miss a showing, and her name is Jaime Lee Curtis and she’s wearing black lace! Mucho Yummy!