Truly awful haute-cuisine 60's and 70's style

Oh. My. God. Or, what on earth were they thinking?

I’ve got a cast-iron stomach, and am pretty much amenable to trying just about anything, but these recipes put lie to my adventurousness.


I never thought I’d see something more frightening than the Gallery of Regrettable Food.

There’s a phrase that will stay with you forever-“Log of vomit”.

Does EVERYTHING have to have Jello in it?

And mayonnaise used to be yellow? It looks very yellow in the pictures. Where they have lovingly heaped it on top of their Jello molds.

I’m just waiting for a poster to chime in and tell us their mum (or they themselves) actually made one of those dishes!

#8 describes itself as “pudding.” I think these must be the British form of savory pudding containing meat, yes? Given that, who knows whether that picture is appetizing or not, I’ve never had that kind of pudding. It sounds like a good idea, though, small individual ones instead of one big one to slice/scoop into. However, what the hell is Atora? I can’t tell even from reading the recipe, except that whatever it is, you shred it. It seems to be part of some kind of dough recipe, which means it must be some kind of butter substitute, I guess.

I looked it up, it’s beef suet. Yum.

That page looks very old, much older than the others.

FTR, I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, and my mother never made any of those things. Most of them seem to be designed for entertaining, which we didn’t do. Since my mother worked full time, our meals tended to be utilitarian and nutritious rather than decorative.

FWIW, “savory cakes” full of smoked salmon and shrimp and ham and eggs, structured with bread, and “iced” with cream cheese, show up on Pinterest all the time. So there’s one dish that has enjoyed a comeback of sorts.

Looking at these, I wonder how our parents and grandparents ever managed to fend off starvation long enough to reproduce.

Weird. I think I just saw the banana candle in a video I was watching late last night, after my wife was asleep in another room.

How did the post ejaculate penis in #16 make it past the censor?

I’m an old fart and I’m proud to say I never saw or ate any of those garbage foods. I have to say that the banana candle is something but I’m not sure what.

banana candle!
OMG that is the funniest thing ever. Let’s make dildo and put it on the Christmas dinner table.

If I had to try one of these, I’d go with the ham and bananas. The taste of ham and bananas, I think should go together pretty well. Hollandaise is the wild card.

Sure. I’ve made a few “Frosted Ribbon Loafs” - but we always called it a sandwich loaf. It has three layers - we usually did egg salad, chicken salad, and tuna salad. It certainly doesn’t look like THAT though - it looks like this. They are very popular for bridal and baby showers and christenings and such around me. Well they used to be anyway.

“Spam ‘n’ limas” must have been the inspiration for those godawful DiSaronno commercials. “Spam ‘n’ limas? What the hell goes in that?”

According to the ad, it’s the Good beef suet.

Not Safe For Work?

They seemed to have been VERY fond of jello molds and loaf shapes. The only thing I make that’s loaf-shaped these days is meatloaf or banana loaf (I don’t combine the two).

When I saw the thread title, I was sure it would be a link to that. Truly, these are equally or possibly even more disturbing.

I have never seen anything more nauseating than that liver sausage pineapple. I mean, I like liverwurst, and I like pineapple, but that thing is horrifying.

I have a hard time believing that these recipes were ever haute cuisine. Most of them are clearly advertisements for Best Foods and Jell-o. If you stopped to read it, they already won because the purpose isn’t to make or eat the food, but to notice the product that’s being advertised. A few recipes like that stick around (such as green bean casserole), but they’re the exception.

That said, I think some would taste better than you might think at first. The tuna Jell-o pie uses lemon Jell-o and lots of people do like lemon with tuna. Hollandaise and ham is a tradition and ham and bananas go well, so I could imagine all three working out tolerably well. (Except that I personally hate bananas in things. I want to eat them fresh, by themselves or not all.)

Home-made mayo is yellow because of the egg yolks. It’s my understanding that the commercial brands have been going more and more white as newer generations of consumers have started assuming that yellow mayo means it’s going bad.

The Jellied Tomato Refresher looks like something that may have been good, before it was eaten and vomited up into a brandy snifter.