Trump boards plane with paper stuck to his shoe.......

…the best piece of paper ever to be stuck to the shoe of a president. Probably.


At time of writing I haven’t seen an explanation as to why this was a most excellent and brilliant thing to do. Yet.

Could we provide one?


I like this, from a Pit thread:

There are times when a politician finds it is better to misdirect the public’s attention to a trivial embarrassment, than to let them ponder the real story at hand.

It’s all fourth dimensional chess. You, with your average sized brain, couldn’t understand the details but this act will directly lead to the complete unilateral disarmament of North Korea.

And the Nobel Peace Prize!

He likes it when people laugh with him. Like during his UN speech.
I just like how long it must have been stuck to his shoe if it was toilet paper and no one told him. I don’t think limos have toilets in them. I’m guessing he’s missing having Hope around.

It could be a fast food napkin but the McD’s here in Iowa use unbleached ones. We didn’t eat at any when we were in the Twin Cities this summer so I don’t know if they use white or brown there.

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Make America Wipe Again.

Just be thankful he didn’t take it off his shoe and hold it up for the cameras.

If asked about it, he might say it was fake news.

Obama never had paper stuck to his shoe, but Trump? He not only gets paper stuck to his shoe, but he gets the best paper stuck to his shoe.

Trump was TP’ed. That’s about the size of things around here.

I’m surprised it wasn’t metallic yellow paper.

Yanno, there’s not a single thing I consider even remotely admirable about Trump, but, sheesh, it’s just paper stuck to his shoe. I feel like focus on stuff like this takes away from highlighting the significant ways he’s screwing over the country.

It’s like we’ve sunk to his level.

It would seem that you haven’t seen the video. It’s a perfect testament to Trump’s world class dignity. The only thing missing is silly music.

I think it’s important only as a demonstration of his staff’s disdain for him. I can’t picture the white staff or SS allowing that to happen under any other President.

Yeah, but it was funny as hell. :smiley:

Someone let Trump out of the bathroom stall with TP trailing from his shoe. Just goes to show there are some things Lindsey Graham just won’t do.