Trump cookies, unscientific experiment/fun

I wasn’t sure in which forum to place this, but Elections seemed appropriate. Though it’s more like MPSIMS.

Would you eat Trump cookies?

We had folks over Saturday evening to watch the Final Four. Everyone brought food so we had “surplus” snacks left at the end of the night. I brought this box of grocery-store-bakery cookies in to the office to share, knowing they’d get eaten.

But, I decided to have a little fun with them, too. I stuck a Trump label on the box before I placed them on the office’s designated snack table and now no one (well, very few) will touch them. While it’s quite obvious that Trump had nothing to do with them, some have commented that “it’s the principle of the thing” as they walk away un-cookied.

If Trump actually went into the cookie business, I would avoid eating his cookies. First, in my mind, and despite his blow-hard claims, his name is synonymous with low-quality, high-glitz crap. Second, I would prefer that none of my money go to him.

In a joke situation as described in the OP, I’d eat the cookies.:stuck_out_tongue:

If someone gave me Trump cookies, I would toss 'em.

Sure, they’re cookies. If they taste bad I won’t eat any more, but I’ve stayed at one of his hotels, I don’t care if his name is on it. Should I not stay at Hilton’s because of Paris?

Yeah, I’d eat a cookie or two, and enjoy the irony that I wouldn’t vote for him in a million years.

So. . . the world is overflowing with idiots. Who knew?

I wouldn’t if there were people around who didn’t know me.

Not that I’m allergic to arguments, but something which begins with one party thinking I’m actually a Trump supporter is not going to end well. It’s worth my time to buy a new set of cookies with no visible affiliation.

If I were solely around friends, damn right I’d eat the cookies, and I’d be making jokes the whole time.

That’s close to my take on it, too. But I’d not eat the cookies b/c they’re chocolate chip :slight_smile:

At one point this morning, I joked that I should put the box in the general break room to see if we had more takers. One of the other guys here said that since no one can see you in the break room, the cookies wouldn’t stand a chance! He thought the issue was that people simply didn’t want to be *seen *taking the “trumplet chips”.

Well, I didn’t move them, but I put a Villanova banner over the trump sticker (We’re in “Tarheel” country). This caused a similar aversion and there are still cookies left.

Though the joke’s almost fully played-out, what could my next move be?

Eat the cookies.

Before or after eating 'em?

I’d put a Hillary sticker on it first.

I wouldn’t touch Trump’s cookies, but I’d definitely eat Hillary’s box.

But, but… Trump Steaks are the World’s Greatest Steaks. It says so right in the ad. They aren’t allowed to lie in an ad, that would be illegal.

Those cookies look a little… swarthy. Did you check their [del]IDs[/del] ingredient list for foreign substances?

For the win !

Thanks to all who played.

BTW, the cookies were gone when I got here this morning. I bet the rats ate them. :smiley:

The reviews for Trump steaks are hilarious!

Given Trump’s reporting preference in steaks - cooked to well-done shoe leather - he may very well believe that his steaks are as good as the ones he eats in the best restaurants. Nahhh, probably not - he’s selling sizzle and doesn’t care where the sizzle is coming from as long as he gets his share of the loot. Beef or politics, closing the sale is the goal, and the actual quality of the beef or policies being sold doesn’t matter.

I bought a pair of Ivanka Trump shoes a few months ago. I’m just trying to make sure she’s financially okay. :wink:

I’d probably take the sticker off, then eat one or two. If people were watching, I might make a big deal out of tearing it up. I would not have thought of putting on another sticker, as that’s just not how my brain works. You don’t cover bad stuff up; you remove it.

I would make sure people are watching, and eat one. Then exclaim in a wondrous voice (not disgust), “OH MY GOD!”. Then leave and don’t come back.

Well, did you put out Sanders and Hillary cookies? At least as a control. And I wonder how many people would not eat those. I might not. But I probably would.A cookie is a cookie.