Trump could scorch the GOP on the way out

So as expected, Trump tried to declare himself president on election night, and called all efforts to count the whole vote fraudulent. The GOP has been completely sycophantic to all his authoritarian desires up until now, but they’ve been very quiet since election day, usually giving easy statements like “we should obey the law and follow the results of the election”

These weak legal challenges that Trump is trying to use to dismiss or invalidate votes have been at the behest of his personal legal squad including Guliani, not the best lawyers the GOP has to offer.

If the GOP thought that Trump could/would win, they’d be right there with him screaming about fraud, sending their best lawyers to help him steal the election, etc. They’re abandoning him because they’re willing to jump ship the moment it starts taking on water. It won’t be too long before you’ll hear them all declaring that they were all secretly never-Trumpers all along.

Trump’s family has been sending out tweets asking where the help is, and begging them to have some backbone and help Trump try to steal the election. I think it’s clear that Trump is shocked and disillusioned that the Republicans aren’t helping him make his dictator dreams come true.

Here’s the thing: Trump is not going to go away, despite his laughable promises to the contrary if he lost. He’s going to be loud and influential going forward. He has tens of millions of cultists that feel more loyal to him personally than to the republican party. If he feels as though he has been slighted by the republicans - and he is a man that MASSIVELY overreacts to being slighted and holds grudges to the death - he very well may try to burn down the GOP just to spite them for their lack of support of him. He could try to influence his cult to try to take over the GOP, or fight against the republicans that he viewed as betraying him, or all sorts of other potential routes that would damage the republican party.

No previous president had as much personal loyalty to him as people did to their party, and no previous president was so volatile, vindictive, and childish that they’ve tried to take down their own party from within out of petty revenge. This is uncharted territory. If Trump feels slighted by the republicans, he could manufacture a great schism that threatens to tear the party apart.

… and of course I desperately hope this happens. Nothing would be more appropriate and more just than having Trump sink the republican party.

It’s a nice fantasy, to be sure. But Republicans have a long history of coalescing around whatever candidate is in play. They are fiercely loyal to anyone who can bring them power and immediately discard anyone who can’t. Maybe Trump has re-made the electorate, but I’m skeptical.

Republican candidates won’t repudiate Trump, they’ll ignore him. They did that with Nixon and only paid the price of one Democratic term in the White House followed by a 12 year GOP run.

Halfway intelligent criminals know you don’t call attention to what you’re doing when you’re in the middle of committing a crime. Or afterwards. You talk about how much you respect the law as you quietly work on breaking it.

So the fact that the GOP isn’t saying anything isn’t proof that they aren’t doing anything.

If the republicans thought Trump could win, they’d be right there with him saying the election is fishy and there’s fraud and sending in their best legal teams. They might not be as blatant as Trump, but they’d be supporting his narrative, with the goal of getting some lawsuits to the supreme court where some votes can be thrown out.

The fact that they’re not supporting him is not because they’re too timid or ashamed to obviosuly suck up to an authoritarian or to try to steal the election, but because they’re all jumping from a sinking ship before it pulls them down.

They wouldn’t be saying there’s fraud if they’re the ones committing it. If you’re committing fraud, you want to convince everyone no fraud is happening and the results are legitimate. You don’t want to cast doubts on the legitimacy of an outcome you wanted.

I agree he is going to be loud but that is just going to wear out his welcome on sympathetic media sooner rather than later. Fox has already done it to him more than once when he blathers on endlessly. “Well, we know you’re a busy guy, Mr. President, we’ll let you get back to work…”

As for influential, I predict there will be a sharp shift when it comes to that. Trump has done a lot of things of questionable legality that we are aware of. There are bound to be other things that we are not aware of because he has been successful in using the Presidency as a shield to obscure these things. These things will be found out and brought to light and they will result in people up to and including Trump going to jail for any number of crimes. And once the depth of rot from the Trump administration is exposed, Trump, his cronies and his brand are going to absolutely toxic.

I’ve been thinking about this. Not that I want it to happen (or that it’s likely), but I’m trying to imagine what would happen if Trump manages to pull out the win. I could see him going nuclear on his own party because of everything mentioned in this post. That would be… interesting.

Republicans are criticizing Trump for his claims of election fraud, some of them in harsh terms. One thing to remember is that what Trump is attacking is more than the Democratic Party, he’s attacking the states themselves in his rhetoric. Republican members of Congress who represent those states can’t afford to support his claims or even stay silent, not if they want to get re-elected.

I’m not American so totally ignorant but it’s my intonation that if, as I think they will, the GOP doesn’t lift a finger to tilt the election Trump’s way (I actually think they value being seen to be lawful a lot and Trump’s court appeals are failing because they aren’t based on facts), that Trump will indeed tell the whole lot of them to go to hell and tell his base the GOP are traitors and don’t deserve their loyalty in future.

Trump almost won this won because he fired up a huge number of low-information people who had never voted before, because they believed the system was rigged/against them/run by traitors. I would imagine with Trump going and saying this, they’ll sit on their hands until their One True President or someone he endorses makes a return.

I suppose an early indicator will be the Senatorial elections in January for Georgia.

I don’t doubt the GOP will continue to be infected by wretched people but given a large number of mainstream GOP voters seem to have voted Biden or independent and then voted GOP down the ticket, they may not be interested in having a repeat of the past four years themselves.

Spot on. It’s instructive that even the Republicans like McCarthy and Cruz who are speaking up for Trump’s fraud claims are doing so in a very half-assed manner and mostly just calling for “transparency” and that they want “every vote counted.” Basically, making just enough noise that they won’t be considered traitors by the Trump base when they run for President in 2024.

Nonsense. Trump and the Republicans have done this very thing countless times. From swiftboating to accusations of fake news, “attack your opponent where you yourself are weakest” is a time-honored move from their playbook.

Why not? That’s what trump has done over and over again. Attack his opponents for whatever misdeeds he is doing.

Yeah, nice fantasy, but

Yup. If you noticed, it’s not exactly been the vaunted Blue Wave. They are in a position to shake it off.

Oh, sure, he may whip up the Deplorables to demand payback on those who “failed” him and that anyone who wants a future nomination must kiss the ring, but if the GOP is smart/lucky they will just have everyone pay lip service to “we’re the Making America Great Again party” while still doing their own thing. Heck, the minute after Biden says “so help me God” they can all even suddenly begin wailing that Trump was right and robbed and hold Senate hearings about it to save face.

Look at the results: Congress and the statehouses virtually unchanged, the presidency a cliffhanger. And that’s with Trump at full blast. The candidates and officials in those states are not going to immolate themselves if they can pick up the MAGA banner to stay in power.

“Trump could scorch the GOP on the way out”

Kinda like the first turd after a hard night of Tequila and Jalepenos. But the sting goes away, and you get to flush.

That isn’t what they’re been kissing for the last four years.

I specifically said that halfway intelligent criminals don’t call attention to the crimes they are committing. Trump does not qualify as a halfway intelligent criminal.

Did you see Goodfellas? Jimmy and his crew had stolen six million dollars and Jimmy told everyone to lay low while the cops were looking for the robbers. And the next day, one of the robbers shows up at the bar with his new Cadillac and his wife wearing her new mink coat. Donald Trump is that guy.

@Gatopescado you are a poet.

I think a more important question is whether Trump could scorch the country on the way out.

Incidentally, Lindsey Graham was asked if the PA state legislature should just go ahead and appoint its own slate of electors. He replied that everything is on the table.

It’s all guesswork at the moment, but it should be interesting. Most likely Trump will go tweeting into the sunset and will try to be an eminence grise, the power behind the scenes. My guess is that he would fail at that, and embarrassingly so. At which point, either the Republicans drop him at once and try to forget he ever existed, or else his faithful coterie coalesces around Trump 2.0, That would be another populist of course, but this time one who is smarter and more articulate.

Of course, the choice might be made for them if Trump spends the next few years in court and then in prison. We can only hope. But I also hope that he does not inspire some current unknown to wrap themselves in his mantle.