Trump could scorch the GOP on the way out

“Any Republican who allows this to happen is complicit, and we will finish you,” the protester, donning a camo sweatshirt with an elephant on it, shouts into the microphone. “For any Republicans not explicitly helping Trump to ‘stop the steal,’ we will make sure you are never elected ever again.”


Works for me.

The one problem with this is that it might mean that the Republicans who are supporting Trump are–in their mind–doing the right thing. Now neither of the GOP candidates will stop spouting nonsense.

I predicted this two weeks ago, on the day the election was called for Biden.

I’ve maintained all along that Trump truly expects his Republican buddies to deliver his second term and that he’d turn on them big time once he realized that wasn’t happening.

I thought the prediction that Trump would eventually accept defeat, he just needed a little time, was laughably wrong. The Republicans created this monster by banding together to enable his criminal behavior. To Trump, this is just another crime, same as the others and he fully expects to get away with it.

I especially laughed at all the conservatives trying to pretend that he wasn’t insane and appealing to him to concede graciously so he could become a “kingmaker”. Seriously, it’s like they never listened to Trump for more that 2 minutes, because if they did they’d know how ridiculous it was to expect him to ever make someone that wasn’t Donald Trump a king.

Yeah, they’re going to go full scorched Earth on the GOP and everything else. I actually think there is a slight possibility that Trump will physically refuse to leave.

I would love it if Trump somehow manages to divide the GOP and encourage his cult followers to vote third party or boycott the GOP. It would make the GOP and their white nationalist, neofascist base much less powerful electorally.

But sadly it seems Trump always finds a way to win, and I’m guessing all the ‘moderates’ in the GOP will follow Trump off a cliff like they’ve been doing the last four years.

It is funny watching Trump attack Fox news after they carried water for him for 4 years. I mean its expected, Trump has no loyalty to anyone but himself, but still amusing to watch. But sadly his followers will move to an even more toxic propaganda network.

Then I hope both cameras and tasers are present.

Yep. For all the plaintive monologuing of a Susan Collins or Mitt Romney, there’s no schism in the GOP. Trump is the tiger they’ve chosen to ride, and it’s ride-or-die.

Even GOP “moderates” cannot afford to lose the Trump base voters who are screaming to “stop the steal.” So far they’ve been able to basically keep their heads down and make noises about letting the legal process play out. But soon they’re going to have to take actions themselves that will validate Biden’s victory – i.e. certifying the electoral votes. What happens when (inevitably) die-hard Trumpers in the Senate and House object to certifying electors from PA, MI, AZ, etc.? They don’t have the votes to deny them (both Houses have to vote to reject electors) but it’ll put every GOP Senator and House member on record as supporting or denying the “steal.”

At some level, I’m actually expecting Trump to form a new third party that will probably live as long as he does. It’ll gut the GOP, and it’ll eventually become the tail wagged by the MAGA party. While it may damage RW results, Trump won’t care, he can solicit and siphon off unspeakable money as the founder of the party, paying himself massive speaking fees, and funnel as much money as he likes into his enterprises by having the rallies on/near his properties.

I think these sad death throws are more basic in nature. Trump knows he is soon to become completely insignificant in all ways (as opposed to in reference to competence where he has always been insignificant). Right now he is basking in the very small, very temporary state of being discussed and covered by news media.

So very soon, any rally he attempted would be closer to Rudy’s landscaping news conference than to any re-election rally that was held in October. By St Valentine’s Day, those idiots who had flocked to his rallies will not bother unless they are visible from their front porch.

Trump is a two dimensional Professional Wrestler character, and right now he is willing to be the heel because at least he gets to be in the ring. By Independents Day 2021, if you say: “Donald Trump” the only response will be either: “Oh, remember him?” or “Has he been convicted yet?”

It would be nice, but I’ve personally underestimated Trump every step of the way. The guy may be a buffoon but he has a mix of incredible marketing skills and amazing luck that have carried him through life very well.

I would love if Trump divided the GOP into two and split their vote, telling his cult followers to boycott the GOP. But sadly what’ll happen is he just remakes the GOP in his own image. A white nationalist, anti-democracy cult and all the ‘moderates’ enable him.

Two more thoughts on this matter:

First, someone up thread suggested that Trump is the turd in a swirling toilet of GOP futures going down the drain that everyone is latching onto. You have all underestimated two things (believe me, I know these people - I WAS these people!) they have no institutional memory and another turd, several other turds are also floating in that bowl. Once Trump loses power to appoint, to fire, and to pardon convictions he will be the least significant former president ever! If in the future he finds himself on a bus of GOP legislative district chairs in any red or purple state he will be the least influential person on the bus. There are other turds and no loyalty or even memory to speak of on that side. Paula White will have more power in Republican circles than Trump by next year at this time.

Second, Trump is stupid and petty. He is exactly the guy who recovers a fumble and runs eighty-nine yards in the wrong direction to score a touchdown for the other team – repeatedly knocking down his own players trying to stop him.

I say: Best of luck Mr. Trump, I am sure the Democratic Party will vote you most valuable player and award you the game ball after you deliver two Georgia Senate seats and fracture the Republican Party. You sure showed them!

This is why I think it’s plausible that Trump will go third-party. Not only would it screw over the GOP for failing to deliver an election victory, it would be a massively lucrative grift for him. He’s going to have major financial problems once he’s out of office, and a Trump Party would provide the new income stream he needs.

Being the founder of the Trump Party would be an ideal gig for a lazy guy like Trump; he wouldn’t have to do much of anything. Tweet a few times a day, do a rally once a month, maybe release a ghostwritten book. His kids and other assorted lackeys would be doing the actual work. The Trump Party would be a poorly-organized mess and probably wouldn’t win many elections, but the money would keep flowing and Trump’s ego and need for attention would be fed. Meanwhile, the right-wing vote would be split and the Democrats could rule for a generation (or at least until Trump drops dead from all the junk food).

I’m not going to get my hopes up, but I think it’s possible.

I would love it if Trump started his own party even if he milked it for a bunch of money. Even a successful Republican President couldn’t keep one going – or even win a single election.

If Trump manages to stay out of prison, he can spend his time fracturing the GOP and creating whatever turmoil he is capable of without any elected office to abuse. It might even motivate the remaining Republicans to go back to a sanity based platform (but let’s not hope for miracles here).

A new CNBC poll suggests that most Trump voters would happily dump the GOP if Trump left.

Asked with whom they would identify if the president left the GOP, 72% responded Trump’s party, while 28% answered the Republican Party.

This made my day. I hope this happens.

Trump doesn’t actively run anything or produce product. Even a rogue party requires Trump and co. to file to get on the ballot and stuff. That sort of competence is likely beyond Trump.

Perfect. Let his loyalty voters follow him into a pyramid scheme that produces dummy political campaigns.

That’s interesting… relatively few of the GOP down-ballot candidates glommed onto Trump this time around. Mostly the ads either painted the Democrat candidate as a “California liberal” funded from out-of-state who want to raise taxes, or they hammered the idea that they were soft on crime and criminals, and as a result, electing them was a clear and present threat to their current way of life.

One race was interesting (Colin Allred v. Genevieve Collins) in that BOTH candidates claimed they want to preserve coverage for pre-existing conditions and that the other candidate wanted to take it away. Makes for some cognitive dissonance when you see the commercials back-to-back and say “Wait a sec…”

This is hard to understand, given that the GOP did better than Trump in the election.

Not really. Most of Trump’s boost in voters this time round was I bet from people who had never voted before inspired by their candidate. They are pure Trumpers, loyal to him, not the GOP. But they voted GOP all the way down ‘to help the Donald’

Trump lost because enough actual GOP voters did not vote for Trump.