Trump fell in love with Kim Jong Un

And we laughed when Bush held hands with the Saudi king

I laughed because it was better than crying at the relationship between the Bush family and the House of Saud. More, at the relationship between my nation and the Saudis.

But…would you like to offer a topic for discussion? “Trump sucks” is a decent starting place, I suppose, but seems insufficient given the target-rich environment.

yet another example of how he has diarrhea of the mouth. He has no filter between his brain and his mouth. The same goes for his brain and twitter.

I would have loved to see the looks on the faces of his aides when he said this. Also it’s funny he said this in WV which is about as red a state as you can find. Trump got 68% there in 2016. He won every county in WV.

I’ll bet that baker in Colorado would be ecstatic to make their cake.

I’m trying to picture Republicans not saying anything about this had Obama said these things, but so far no luck.

So it’s a love that dare speak its name after all, I guess.

There is an internet phenomenon of pornographic fiction centered on well=known public figures like Kim, Trump and Elton John. This is not a request for links, but begging for a promise not to.

Yeah. This.

Obama said he’s talk to North Korea in 2008 and they freaked the fuck out. Imagine if he said he fell in love.

“[Barack Obama’s] willingness to meet with North Korea is one of the most disturbing displays of Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience.” - Sean Hannity (2008)

Maybe Kim Jong Un was the only world leader with hands smaller than Trump?

I believe an alternative formulation would be “The love that won’t shut up”.

Morbid curiosity: Is this getting any coverage in Korean language press? What’s the reception like?

I hope some of our Korean speaking Dopers will weigh in.

Oh, yes, X-rated fan fiction. The first one I ever saw was titled “Near Wild Heaven” :wink: and featured the straight members of R.E.M. getting it on. Someone else described it as “unadulterated puke” and that was apropos.

My SIL said, “That’s one drawback of being famous - people with too much time on their hands will do things like that.”

There’s a theory that Trump said this deliberately—possibly on the advice of Sean Hannity or some other of that ilk—with the expectation that all the major media outlets would make it their top headline and have pundits opining about it for days.

In other words, Trump said it to troll the media.

I find that quite plausible–not that he thought of it on his own, but that one of his slimier sidekicks suggested it and he loved the idea.

Trump is going to find out the hard way that Putin is a jealous man.

The Korean far right who thinks the current South Korean President is a communist dupe or spy are hopping mad at the perceived betrayal. Most of the Korean people, OTOH, are rather relieved that Trump’s going with President Moon’s peace process and thus successively reducing tensions rather than the “fire and fury” rhetoric seen last year. The politics of this issue are weird to say the least; many reflexively anti-Trump liberals in the United States are aping far-right Korean rhetoric in denouncing Trump as another Neville Chamberlain for meeting with Kim Jong-Un while the reflexively pro-Trump MAGA people are celebrating the peace process along with Korean progressives.

Sure, let’s celebrate the peace process. Donald Trump has successfully stopped Donald Trump from threatening war, so he’s got that going for him.

Has anyone told Melania?

Sounds too much like 3d chess nonsense to me.

You don’t divert attention away from the perception that you’re an idiot by acting like a bigger idiot. That just confirms what people are saying about you.

The peace process? Have you seen how Trump’s treated the other people in his life that he’s declared his love for? What happens when Trump decides things aren’t working out between him and Kim and he needs to end the relationship? Kim won’t get off as easy as Trump’s other exes; he’s got access to nuclear weapons now.

You think that Trump is working together with the President of South Korea? That’s trivially rebutted. Trump cares so little about working with South Korea that he didn’t even appoint an ambassador until three months ago.