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Trump Says Congress Run to Become Speaker and Impeach Biden Is ‘Very Interesting’ (

Steve Bannon was the first to mention the idea several months back, but a few days ago the banter that Trump should consider a run for Congress so he can lead the GOP to a massive midterm victory, become Speaker of the House, and impeach Biden before 2024 re-emerged in the politisphere.

How good a chance do you think he would have in making any of this happen? Wouldn’t he have to run in whatever district Mar-a-Lago is in?

I’m guessing that he would first have to admit that he’s not really president. I don’t see that happening.

Presumably he could move to another location and run from there. Probably still plenty of time before 2022 to do so.

Think of all the sweet donation money he could collect from his loyal redhats? And they would be the biggliest candidate rallies ever!

True, and one would imagine he’d want to be in a solidly red district. I think that Mar-a-Lago is currently in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, which is blue-leaning, and currently has a Democratic Representative, Lois Frankel.

But, with redistricting happening this year, who knows? DeSantis might support a map that puts Mar-a-Lago in a red district.

The linked article seems to indicate that his contention is that Biden stole the presidency from him. So, he isn’t president, but is supposed to be. Sort of like when a pro wrestling heel steals the champion’s belt, clobbers him with it and, and bugs out.

If he impeaches (and convicts) Biden, I assume that the normal process of Harris being elevated would be scrapped, in favor of Trump replacing Biden. That way, he could simultaneously be president and House Speaker. Maybe King of England too?

Yeah, the 21st Congressional District was D +17 in 2020. Don’t think he could quite pull it off with the current district boundaries.

The scary thing is that if the Republicans could get a 67 vote majority in the Senate, his scheme would actually probably work.

Actually, given that the speaker of the house doesn’t need to be a member of Congress, Trump doesn’t actually need to win a congressional election to get back in.

I don’t see this happening just because I don’t see him willing to be only one of 425 members of the House.

I could see it happening. He wouldn’t be one of, he’d be Speaker (if R’s win a majority) and it’d merely be a stepping stone to another run at the Presidency.

I have no idea of Nancy Pelosi’s schedule but I doubt that Speakership duties are the majority of her time. I think most of her time is trying to enact laws. Is he going to do any of that? I doubt it.

I’d like to get Republican reps on the record now. Would they support Trump over McCarthy for Speaker?

Most of the job of the presidency is leading the country and he didn’t do any of that either.

Perhaps he’d run for a Senate seat, as well. “Many people, smart people, say that you can be a Congressman and a Senator at the same time. They tell me, ‘you could do both, you absolutely could be both.’”

I’m sure this isn’t some scheme to con supporters out of money.

I’m sure that’s true but I’m also not convinced it’s relevant to whether Trump or the people who would vote for him would go for it.

I have absolutely no doubt that Trump will be involved in congress, especially given his track record. Of course money will be involved, as normal.

See definition 1b.

Trump as speaker would fulfill the GOPs wet dream of grinding the legislature to a halt.

If he hated being president because it cost him an hour of his tweeting and watching Fox News time, he’ll really, really hate being Speaker, which is a job with little power and gigantic amounts of aggravation. Besides, what happens if the Republicans don’t take over the House?

As always, if it involves work or any actual effort on Trump’s part, forgeddabout it. This will never happen.

If the opposite of pro is con, then the opposite of progress …