Trump is 100% right about one thing...

“My mom made the greatest turkey”

This guy just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

That she cooked for 8 hours, he said? Bizarre. Maybe that’s how long it took her to tell the staff to start cooking until the time he sat down to eat. B/c no turkey’s that big and I can’t see Mama Trump smoking a turkey.

He’s demented and the 25th Amendment needs to be pursued before he gets us in a nuclear war.

She gestated it. Isn’t that a pleasant thought.

Yeah, I think that turkey took more like nine months. :smiley:

With turkey?

If I had to eat nasty-assed dried out turkey that had cooked for eight hours, I’d be a bitter, nasty toad too.

He probably eats his turkey with ketchup!

I just don’t get how anyone can this this man is not on something or mentally out of his head.
He acts like a coked up clown and the people just love him. Good lord. He is a hell of a salesman isn’t he? I mean I don’t know if he’s good at business or not but he is a master salesman.

Maybe she cooked it sous vide?

Only if “sous vide” means “using a Filipina cook”.

I weep for those jive turkeys.

They’ve got to sass it.

You should be ashamed of yourself. (I laughed.)

She never had to go to the proctologist either, because she had a perfect asshole.

Perfect asshole…snort!

You can pretty much follow his word association as he makes stuff up on the fly.

“Deal’s not ready yet! Why? Time! What takes time? Gestating! What gestates? Chickens! What’s like chickens? Turkey! When do you eat turkey? Thanksgiving! Who cooks Thanksgiving? My mommy! How long’s a long time to wait for mommy to cook? Eight hours!”

He has the thought process of a five-year-old.

That is your POTUS folks. Enjoy :smiley:

He’s not my president. Ugh. If they impeach him they’ll still have Pence. Why can’t they just admit they fucked up and move on, for fucks sake.

Perfect Assholes “Poot”.

His mother clearly made a turkey.