Trump is adopting Bernie's principles?

Anyone else notice the similarities?

Due to the virus, Trump is proclaiming economic aid.

Tax cuts to ease financial burden. Bernie calls it raising the wages.

Hospital care for people. Bernie calls it M4A.

Too bad Trump had to have a crisis in order to see the light.

There is no evidence of Trump seeing the light.

Remember, what Trump says and what Trump does are two completely different things. This is a key fact to remember about him that goes back decades.

Why bother discussing what he said at all???

So it’s automatically Bernie’s ideas? I mean, people can’t have similar ideas?

What else? Bernie uses toilet paper when he’s done using the bathroom. Does that mean it’s Bernie’s idea when Trump does the same thing?

It is 03:45 where I am and I was awake due to insomnia.

After picturing Bernie & Trump on the shitter I am now awake due to horror.

Will the White House clear out if this POTUS sneezes? Or is being infected by the God-Emperor a sacred honor?

No, Trump’s proposal is nothing like anything Sanders has proposed. Trump is calling for a cut to the payroll tax, which is the money used to fund Social Security and Medicare. My understanding is that Trump isn’t calling for a cut in Social Security or Medicare payments, so I don’t see where he’s planning on getting the money from for those programs if he eliminates the taxes. At the very least, I don’t see how there can be expansion of those programs while the revenue to support them is being cut.

Which is the opposite of what Sanders has proposed. He wants to expand Social Security and Medicare. And pay for the larger programs with taxes.