Trump must hand over tax returns to NY DA

I guess he did not pack enough on the supreme court They won’t be public even after NY gets them

Of course, he did manage to delay things until after he left office.

About time. We’ll never know, but I wonder if any of his appointees tried to stick up for him.

Which means he can no longer claim “executive privilege”:


Good. Prosecute this scumbag.

Some tidbits from the NY Times article on this (probably paywalled):

The subpoenas relate to a central aspect of Mr. Vance’s inquiry, which focuses on whether Mr. Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, inflated the value of some of his signature properties to obtain the best possible loans, while lowballing the values to reduce property taxes, people with knowledge of the matter have said. The prosecutors are also examining the Trump Organization’s statements to insurance companies about the value of various assets.

The prosecutors have also subpoenaed the Trump Organization for records related to tax write-offs on millions of dollars in consulting fees, some of which appear to have gone to the president’s elder daughter, Ivanka Trump. The company turned over some of those records last month, two people with knowledge of the matter said, though the prosecutors have questioned whether the company has fully responded to the subpoena.

Based on what I have read previously from the NY Times investigation into Trump’s taxes, that first bit about the inflating and deflating of property value for tax advantage seems like a well-documented slam dunk case. The question I have is, assuming it’s true, what can he be charged with for that and what are the possible penalties?

How does one undervalue one’s property for taxes? My township never asked me what I value it at, they just go ahead and assess it. You can appeal of course, but why would the owner get to assess it initially?

The article seems misleading to me. Property owners don’t get to assess their own properties, but they can influence facts that go into the assessment - improvements, maintenance. I don’ t know how you’d even assess a property like Mar-A-Lago, but maybe unicorn properties like that have a more complex appraisal process that affords opportunities for shenanigans

I think it would surprise exactly zero people if it were reported that Trump tried to bribe his local assessor with a free golf membership, and probably the same amount of surprise if it actually worked.

Trump’s associates have more than once implied that he has a pattern of juicing the value of properties when it benefits him in some context (insurance items, selling to Russian straw buyers), but reporting lower values for tax purposes. This behavior would certainly fit that pattern.

The Supreme Court has ruled, but I expect Trump to appeal the case to a higher authority, Fox News.

That’s why a certain post office box on Long Island and Trump’s payments thereto need to be investigated.

While true, how long until they’re “leaked”? I bet we see the juicy tidbits within a week.

Well, somebody is getting high over there, anyway. Either that, or they’ve been collectively possessed by whatever Great Old One is animating the plasticine golem that is Jared Kushner and he’s making them dance and scream for his amusement. Probably Gla’aki; it likes swamps so Mar-A-Lago is perfect.


I’ll believe it when it happens. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I got a lower value on a house because I sent in an appraisal with the lower value and it showed some windows were in bad shape. they lowered the value and a few months later I put in all new windows.

It will be much longer, if ever. They’re going to a grand jury and they tend to be quite tight with their evidence.

The leak can still come from the DA’s office. Otherwise, they would become public knowledge if there were a trial in which they appeared as evidence.

I can see the headlines already: “Notorious Mobster Goes to Prison for Tax Evasion.”

One can hope.

How much different is what is to be handed over from what we already know via the leak to The NY Times a while ago?