Trump must hand over tax returns to NY DA

“Et hoc momento temporis futurarum.”

( To this moment and to the moment yet to come. )

I wonder how many times Trump has tried to threaten, bribe, extorted and other wise committed obstruction of justice trying to convince Mazars LLP (his accounting firm) to not turn over the documents. Sort of like he ‘handled’ Ukraine and Georgia.

I hope their phone system is being recorded with a few FBI staff in their own room doing it.

they handed over millions of records . gonna take a while to just look though them. they could do software searches for certain words.

They could eliminate 2 lines tops if they do a search for “legitimate deduction” .

I wonder if that’s part of the strategy: release so much information that some of the dubious/illegal stuff gets missed. I’m assuming that Trump’s accountants won’t blatantly thwart the investigation but they have incentive to make it harder on the DA.

I’ve seen that happen, but I suspect that here they dumped millions of pages because the subpoena was very broad and they attempted to comply. The prosecutor has the manpower and tools to handle this much data. Unfortunately, a million document case is not uncommon these days. We have had several in our small law firm.

In other words, a document dump, well-known to anyone who watches legal dramas.

It seems that that has been his strategy in dealing with the IRS from the start. Why his taxes take a decade to be audited.

I’ve seen no evidence that his taxes are under audit other than what is likely another lie from his repulsive mouth. But if they were under audit, why doesn’t the IRS catch his shady dealings?

With two sets of books, presumably they are hiding the evidence of the shady dealings pretty effectively. With a normal investigation, everything checks out.

The lie is that he cannot release his taxes while they are being audited.

Because, as mentioned, his taxes are enormous, and the IRS is understaffed.

It requires quite a bit of comparison between claims and receipts to catch such shady dealings.

OK, I get that. But would the DA know if he’s getting just the clean books?

The DA probably has reports from some third party sources, banks and investors, as to what valuations that Trump has put on his properties.

He can then look into the taxes, and see if they have the same valuations.

This article outlines some of the other organizations that are being asked/subpoenaed for information:

In addition to the records from Mazars, Vance’s office has been seeking a slew of other documents. They subpoenaed records and interviewed employees at Deutsche Bank, one of Trump’s creditors, about loans given to him, and insurance broker Aon, according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation. Deutsche Bank has loaned Trump more than $300 million.

Prosecutors have also subpoenaed Ladder Capital, which has loaned the Trump Organization over $100 million, and the Trump Organization for records relating to fees paid to consultants, including Ivanka Trump, these people said.

And in bonus news, it looks like Vance’s office is going after Steve Bannon too. Sweet! A federal pardon isn’t going to help them there.

How long will it take to find out if they got what they actually asked for?

Watch for white smoke from the office chimney.

I remember reading more than a year ago that Mazars had the subpoenaed records ready to go and were merely awaiting the final outcome of all Trump’s stalling tactics appeals to submit them to Vance.

Vance’s office has acknowledged they are in physical possession of what they requested. There probably wasn’t a lot of wiggle room in the descriptions of the records they subpoenaed.

Trump himself could be counted upon to try and game this, but Mazars has more clients than just Trump. They are not likely to jeopardize their relationships with those clients to play games with a lawful subpoena just because Trump would like them to.

Ghod, I really hope that you are right. Maybe this is just a case of “twenty three times burned, twice shy”.

I don’t think I agree with this. Mazars doesn’t want to do anything illegal or that brings more heat down on Trump but I think they want to show their other clients that they will try to protect them as much as legally possible.

They’ve already done that, by holding onto all the subpoenaed documents until all the court proceedings are done.