Trump refuses to commit to peaceful transfer if he loses, says "Get rid of the ballots"

The fact that the question bothers you but the answer doesn’t speaks volumes.

There is a tiny variation of that going on already.

California is such a large market that when they pass regulations on auto emissions for example, it becomes the defacto standard nationwide because automakers don’t want to make two different sets of cars.

At what point do you stop making excuses for this grown man and start realizing that, at least some of the time, he says something really dumb and really bad?

(This is a hijack, but the SC could find that a fetus is a person with 14th Amendment rights and cannot be killed without due process or something like that. I am not a constitutional lawyer, or any sort of lawyer)

IMO many cases of cross-racial adoption are less about racial justice than a childless person realizing it’s a potent virtue signal that grants them permission to “not see race” or dirty their hands with authentic blackness.

Fuck yes. We’re going way back, now. Back to the guy who was President before this one. C’mon back here with me and watch as Barack Obama is asked if he’s an American citizen. Watch, as he’s asked to fucking prove it. Also, while we’re here, witness him being asked if he isn’t in reality a dirty mooslim.
I know, I know… Poor, treated unfairly Donald Trump. Poor, poor Donald.

Trump came out and whined that he should have a third term because no other president had been treated as unfairly as him and the impeachment was such a distraction. So, questions about transfer of power seem right on. Anyway, any normal politician would say, “of course I would accept the results of the election and ensure a smooth transfer of power to the next president if I were to lose.” Because that’s how it’s supposed to work in America.

We hauled Bill Clinton up in front of the Senate to explain whether he got a blowjob. That’s about the most ridiculous and irrelevant question that I can possibly imagine.

If you say it’s justified because he actually did it, then I have some news for you about Trump.

The funny lines in Hamilton, when the King George character is astonished that anyone would voluntarily give up power after a preset period, are suddenly no longer funny.

There has been no previous president for which the answer was in doubt, so no. Especially given the way it was answered, it was not at all ridiculous.

Oh, God, let that not happen. The conspiracy nuts would go crazy trying to prove it was an assassination.

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion loses constitutional protection and becomes an ordinary legislative issue. Which would hurt the GOP at the polls.

I don’t understand how this would work. If Biden wins a state, the electors are people the Democratic Party chose. How does Trump “recruit” them?

By persuading a GOP-controlled state legislature to set aside the election results and appoint a pro-Trump slate of electors. Yes, they can do that, and this year it appears to be an actual conscious strategy.

In what states is that legal? All states have laws that connect the popular vote in the state to which electors are chosen.

All states’ laws are subject to revision by the legislature at any time.

Easy – he is appealing to the Republican electors.

There are two groups of people in each state who are designated as Presidential electors by their respective parties. The way it is supposed to work (in most states) is that if a majority of voters in the state vote for the Democratic candidate for President on November 3, then the Democratic electors subsequently cast their electoral votes for President on December 14, 2020.

Trump is trying to appeal to the Republican electors in many states to ignore the popular vote in their state with false claims of fraud and other irregularities, and possibly by some legislative end-run around the voters. A Republican governor or Secretary of State might then certify the Republican electors instead. Or you might end up with two competing slates of electors from a given state, possibly throwing the electoral college vote into chaos.

Note that all Presidential electors (of both parties) are generally die-hard party loyalists. If the Republican electors are given encouragement and direction by the Republican president, all kinds of mischief can happen. To date, we’ve seen that our political system has survived as long as it has because in the past everyone generally played by the rules and competed in good faith. On the Republican side, that appears to have gone by the wayside – the only question is how far they are willing to go.

I want to modify my previous answer. Yes the question is ridiculous. No previous president would have generated the doubt. And the deplorable truth is that Trump could not even lie and say, “Of course”, as any of his predecessors would.

But then he’s appealing to the Republican GOVERNOR. Not the electors. There’s no point appealing to them. He doesn’t have to appeal to his own electors.

Have you heard him lately? He’s appealing to everyone: Republican governors, Secretaries of State, electors, random party officials, cabinet members, Fox & Friends “news” hosts, reporters, the White House gardener, his morning bowl of Fruity Pebbles, and the portrait of Lincoln down the hall.