Trump threatens to move GOP convention from NC

As someone who lives here, can I help pay to have it moved? He would be more happy in Alabama, OK, South Dakota, etc.

I strongly urge state and local governments to insist on a monitored fourteen day quarantine for everyone returning from the GOP convention. This will save many lives.

I’m not convinced that having a convention in a state means anything electorally but, still, the potential number of N. Carolina people likely to feel like Trump screwed them over or insulted them by leaving has to be larger than the potential pool of NC voters who will switch to voting for Trump over this.

We’re talking about having 50,000 people come to our largest metropolitan area, many of whom are so enamored with their cult leader that they’re explicitly willing to sacrifice humans on the altar of his re-election campaign; so Flavor-Aid saturated that they’re willing to endanger their own lives and the lives of each other by congregating closely in a convention hall for hours, mostly (I predict) without masks, before going out into the Charlotte community to other commercial establishments and spreading the infection to locals.

And he’s threatening to take his giant death cult ritual away from Charlotte, and I’m supposed to be upset?

What next, is Al Qaeda gonna threaten not to bomb US embassies if they don’t remove security measures?

Even if you’re a die hard Republican and would crawl over broken glass to vote Trump in Charlotte, I’m sure you’d be ecstatic to have the convention moved and not have to deal with the all the hassles. It’s not like you can get tickets and go.

Maybe move it to off-shore barges anchored off Mar-A-Lago. Sure, it’s the height of hurricane season, but Your Chosen One should be able to deflect any storm by the force of his own ego. If not…well, win-win.

You can bet your sweet bippy that he’s going to move it to Mar-a-Largo. Not sure how big a room they have, but he can charge the RNC whatever he has the nerve to ask for.

I know that I will be criticized for this, but if you take the politics out of it, it is not an unusual request at all.

If I have a group of tens of thousands of people who want to meet in an area in August, that is a substantial financial outlay that needs to begin now if not sooner. So I ask the person in authority if he or she can guarantee that I will have that access. Now, if things are too much up in the air to be able to make that guarantee, then fine, but maybe I’ll look elsewhere for someone who can. No fault of the first person, but I’m trying to plan here.

I’m sure many people have done similar things with their vacation plans. Maybe we want to go to London in August, but that’s pretty iffy and don’t want to have to scramble at the last minute if things are still shut down, so we will go to Florida instead. Seems reasonable.

Why not just move it TO Mar-A-Lago? Trump can convert a golf cart into a Pope-mobile surrounded by plexiglass so he doesn’t have to come in contact with anyone’s germ-laden spit drops.

Sure, if some particular natural disaster were uniquely affecting North Carolina now, and no one really knew what the situation would be in August, I could see how this would make sense. For example, if a hurricane knocked the shit out of Charlotte last week, and the governor said, “we don’t know if we’re going to be ready for you in August”, I don’t think anyone would think twice if the RNC moved their convention to Atlanta instead.

But, as it turns out, this situation is different, and Trump is being a dumbass! Nowhere in the country - or anywhere else, for that matter - can guarantee that they will have a low enough infection rate in August to host a convention. What Trump is looking for is a governor who will guarantee that he’ll allow the convention regardless of the actual COVID situation on the ground at the time. No one should grant that guarantee - it’s selling out the health of the citizens of your state. Trump should be criticized for asking for it.

It’s not the local incidence pre-Convention that’s the concern. It’s bringing in tens of thousands of people (many of whom are Covid skeptics who aren’t taking any precautions in their everyday lives) from literally every state in the country, having them sit in an enclosed space, yelling and screaming and generating aerosolized particles for hours on end. Then having them go out into the Charlotte community, again not practicing any reasonable precautions, before returning home to their home community and spreading their germs there.

What the GOP should do is a huge Conservative Burning Man-like festival out in the open air desert. Everyone can bring their RVs or tents or whatever. They could even have big Obama effigy to burn at the end!

50,000 idiots in tents in a swamp in the middle of hurricane season? Call it “Extreme(ly Stupid) Survivor” and I think we can get a network deal.

I think this is response to me, and I agree - good point!

Right, because it clearly **is **purely political–Trump cannot survive without a vetted crowd that is guaranteed to accept and cheer for any bullshit that comes out of his mouth. Otherwise, there is no point for him to do it all.

Obviously these conventions are done as formalities of party protocol, and Trump doesn’t care about that. Without a dog-and-pony show, he’s not interested. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the health of other people–not even the convention-goers. They are just props for his propaganda.

You seem really determined to ignore the fact that this involves asking to hold a large, crowded event in the middle of a public health emergency involving a contagious disease.

You seem really determined to ignore the fact that Trump pre-emptively berated the governor for seeming hesitant to endanger his citizens in this way.

You really, really seem determined to ignore the audaciousness of Trump’s determination to demand that the governor of North Carolina forecast the safety of the situation three months in advance, when Trump is doing less than nothing to use his powers of office to make the situation more safe.

That’s a lot to overlook. I wonder why you ignored all that.

Cooper would probably like to tell Trump to pound sand. But Cooper is on the ballot this year too. And he won by 0.2% last time. Cooper is going to have another tough race.


Well, y’know, if he’s looking for a commitment that things will work as desired, then he can always be told “no”. Heck, the RNC would have wargamed a couple of different alternative scenarios just in case anyway, CoVid or no CoVid.

Now, I know, I know: a whole bunch of you would prefer both Party conventions not happen at all as long as this thing is out there. But one version or another thereof *will *take place, even if radically cut down and virtualized.

And especially he wants the “optics” of HIS convention (whatever form it takes) being adoring throngs cheering him rowdily, no mask covering their smiling faces, vs. the other side being a low key event because they are all cowering in fear.

It is!

If Trump is so concerned about having nothing less than a packed house, he could always lead the way (Ha ha, I am aware that I just used “Trump” and “Lead the way” in the same sentence! :p) and hold a rally with as many people as will fit, just to show that it’s the way to go! Trump: Bullshit, nothing but bullshit.