Trump trying to rush approval for firing squads for federal executions

I am against the DP for any crime by any method. OTOH I guess dead is dead and it would be hard to botch shooting someone. .He probably wants Don Jr. and Eric to be 2 of the shooters. And probably himself too.

They have shown a preference for having their live targets chained down so they can’t fight or flee.

I can’t really fault him for this. Although I would like the death penalty abolished, firing squad may actually be one of the more humane methods currently available. I would rather fight the death penalty in general rather than argue over methods that are relatively fast and effective.

You’d be surprised.

If Trump thinks it’s a good idea, I hope he’s the first to benefit from it, under 18 USC Ch. 115: TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES.

the normal way is that one guy gets a blank so nobody knows for sure if they killed the guy.

A blank has very little to no recoil. They know.

So they are afraid of the gas chamber? :astonished:

The issue is probably with lethal injections. No pharmaceutical company wants to be associated with executions, so the availability of the drugs necessary is often unreliable. The gun industry has no such objections.

I don’t understand why we don’t just use nitrogen in a ‘gas’ chamber.

Execution is inherently difficult. A lot of methods have been ruled by the courts to be “cruel and unusual”. Of those that are left, a lot require the cooperation of professionals, like doctors and pharmaceutical companies, who do not wish to cooperate. The method can’t be too personal, or you’ll have a hard time getting people to do the job (at least, people you would want working anywhere near any part of the justice system). It has to be gruesome enough to satisfy the desire for vengeance that’s the reason for the death penalty to begin with, but not so gruesome that you lose the lukewarm supporters of the death penalty.

We’re talking about the Trump administration, though, raising concerns about the competence level of any such firing squads.

which ones?

If I hand you a revolver with five live rounds and one blank and offer you 100 dollars to aim it at someone and pull the trigger, would you take the offer? The “possible blank” scenario isn’t as attractive as it seems.

for Gary Gilmore they said there was a blank but he was hit by 5 bullets , not 4. His last words were “let’s do it” which Nike liked but changed to Just do it.

Here in NC doctors refuse to attend the DP so there hasn’t been any in over 10 years

As I understand it, there’s no reason nitrogen can’t or shouldn’t be used - it’s just red tape. Getting anything approved for the death penalty is a tough and complex process, even if it’s something that would improve it.

Suffocation is cruel and unusual; poison isn’t. The law loves distinction without a difference.

BTW the Supreme court ruled it’s OK to execute an innocent person as long as they had a fair trial and appeals.

While technically it is suffocation (which may have been your point) it would be a peaceful way to go.

Apparently nitrogen doesn’t induce a feeling of suffocation. You just go unconscious and then die. But you need to build a chamber.

Here’s something I find bizarre. Why not just use whatever they use to euthanize a dog or cat? The answer slayed me (figuratively):

Because it hasn’t been tested on humans. No joke that