Trump University lawsuit settled.

Good news for the 6,000 people effected. Trump will pay out 25 million. They’ll each get a slice of the money after legal fees are taken out. That’s a nice payout.

Avoiding a trial probably cost the President-elect a bigger payout but it also means Trump can focus on his transition to the White House.

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That’s only 4166 per person not taking out legal fees.

Not exactly a windfall.

I don’t recall how much each person paid for the course. It probably was more than they’ll get back.

But any refund is better than nothing.

We all make ill-advised purchases and often never get a cent back. I’m glad these consumers beat the odds and got compensation.

I got a meat smoker in my storage closet if anybody wants it. $300 down the drain.

Anywhere from 3000 to 35000.
Better would be for the legal fees to be get separate and each person refunded the tuition they paid plus interest.

Trump was trying to wait them out, his getting elected forced his hand. No way did he want to testify under oath.

Self help and get rich through real estate seminars have always been a racket. The guy that gets rich is the one selling the course.

Late night tv used to be filled with infomercials for these money making scams.

There’s a sucker born every minute.

Caveat emptor

The actual content of the courses were misrepresented.

What you’re describing is very different from what Trump did.

running coach link indicates Trump University was selling a DVD course, web seminars and offering live seminars in various states.

That sounds pretty much like the standard late night infomercial schemes that I’ve seen for 20 years. The live seminars are extended sales pitches. The information they provide is pretty limited.

Was Trump University a diploma mill too? Like Phoenix University and DeVry? Seemed like Trump U was leaning in that direction. But the New York Education Department and NY Attorney General went after them.

Law and order president who has fraud settlements ruled against him as president-elect. Sure, who would ever expect corruption and graft from a man of such sterling reputation? It’s about time we have honesty and character back in the White House, right?

What a fucking joke.