Trump used legally dubious method of avoiding millions in taxes

NYT reports on more tax chicanery. The loophole he exploited was partially closed by Congress in 1993, then fully in 2004. Guess who voted for fully closing it then?

Sounds like he left an awful lot of other folks holding the bag.

The link to the article isn’t working for me.

But guessing who voted for closing this loophole, I would guess… more than 90 percent of Democrats in Congress?

Maybe this link will work:

You mean to tell me that he may have used a maneuver that was later declared illegal, but “it’s impossible to tell”? This is surely the end of his candidacy!!!

My favorite revelation remains the one about Trump just showing up at a charity event. He had not donated to the charity and he wasn’t invited to the ceremony. But he showed up and because he was famous he was allowed in. He then went up on stage and took one of the seats that had been set up for the donors (a real donor ended up having to sit out with the general audience). People didn’t want to have him arrested for trespassing so he was just sort of ignored. But he got his picture taken at the ceremony and gave the impression he was one of the honorees.

I guess the charity should consider itself lucky Trump didn’t bill them for an appearance fee.

Good thing he is being audited then.