Trump wants a parachute!,,2-2001352016,00.html

Trump wants a parachute per the story above and apparently so do others and yet the American Parachute Association is saying these people would most likely die and no explanation is given in the story as to why.

So I must turn to the SDMB jump mavens for the rest of the story. Anyone know why?

Buildings not tall enough? What?

#1. Most buildings are not tall enough for proper chute deployment.

#2. Most people are not trained parachutists.

#3. Unless you jump when the wind is right and far enough from the building, the chute will not deploy properly, or the parachutist wil be blown back into the building. The chute will collapse and the person wearing it will PLUMMET.

#4. In a catastrophic situation, do not underestimate the effects of panic. Operating a arachute correctly and safely depends on the operator maintaing a cool head.

That said, if a plane crashes into my building, I’d prefer to take my chances with the chute than a certain death in the inferno.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a baloon you could instantly inflate with helium?

Or, even better, a giant Nerf ball that you could step inside.

Or, even better, that thing they used to land the Mars Rover!

I’ll close this thread since it has been discussed so recently. I direct any further comment to the earlier thread, Parachutes For People In Skyscrapers

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