Trump wants a US space force

Separate but equal to Air Force

will the USSF sit at the back of the bus?

Of course he wants it, but can he get the Martians to pay for it?

Sounds like it will create a great deal of bureaucratic stovepiping. Better to still just let the USAF have the job to itself.

Although I must say that “U.S. Space Force Academy” is a mighty good-sounding school name - if such a branch ever gets its own military academy in the future.

Agsin, he’s wagging the dog. It’s a smoke screen.

As long as he doesn’t try to micromanage it (and he’s not one for paying attention to details), it might actually be a good idea to have a space equivalent of SOCOM, if the people who are delegated to develop the idea and implement it do a good job. The “separate but equal” bit is hopefully just more of the same used-car salesman bluster.

Of course there’s a pesky Outer Space Treaty, which bars the stationing of weapons of mass destruction in space.

Trump probably thinks such things are no more an impediment than NY planning ordinances.

I hope they get cool capes, because that would be awesome.

Is there a good reason for an independent Space Force? Asking because I don’t really know.

The Air Force has independence that makes a certain amount of sense rooted in the history of independent operations of strategic bombers in World War II - it was conducting a significant portion of the war pretty much without much support or interaction with the army or navy, even though it was technically part of the Army at the time. Even so, there are those who think giving the Air Force independent bureaucratic status was a mistake.

Would the Space Force do things at least as independently as the Air Force? Like with the creation of the Air Force, it sounds like existing units that manage reconnaissance, communications, satellite launches, etc. would be given new uniforms and a new bureaucratic identity. Unlike with the creation of the Air Force, there’s no vast bomber fleets and bomber escort fighters that have a history of operating independently of the other military branches - instead, it seems like the Space Force would just be some small parts chopped off from the Air Force, not a huge new undertaking. Curious to see what other folks think, since I don’t feel like I know enough about it to make a reasonable judgment.

And if it were to ever be a true, real thing, it’s the kind of thing you keep under your hat. This fucking doofus announces it to the world. But he’s got a fucking doofus wall to finish, I mean start, first.
Fucking idiot.

As long as it’s built in San Francisco.

From what I understand, this is correct, although I could imagine assets from other branches as well. Additionally, the military has tried to discourage him from doing this. I’d be interested to know who put this bug up his butt. Maybe he just think it sounds cool.

to get into their new academy they will test your midi-chlorians.

What’s the matter with using NASA for outer space? Oh, yeah, there’s that pesky military aspect. Just what the world needs, bombs in space.

This is why I mentioned SOCOM, the special operations command which was created after Operation Eagle Claw, the bungled attempt to rescue hostages in Iran which was largely caused by insufficient planning & cooperation between services:

It would probably be a bad idea to make a separate service out of it, just as it arguably was with the Air Force. A Joint Command dedicated to a set of tasks requiring specific skills, organization and technology could be good though. Even if you don’t put any weapons in space, it’s going to get interesting with space launches getting cheaper, electronics getting better & cheaper and the software/machine learning to fuse data from multiple sensors. Imagine the planet as a multispectral panopticon.

The Department of Defense spends about 3 times more on information technology than it does on space.

Maybe we need a Windows 10 Corps, too.

We’ll definitely need a Space Academy for all the Space Cadets.

Did the government sell or lease out the Presidio? They may already have the land.

Never mind. It is part of the National Park System. Like Bears Ears, easy to reclaim.

To prevent people who don’t want or don’t qualify for military service from participating in the space program.

Oh, wait.

That’s not a good reason.