Trumpets and organs

Can a woman blow a trumpet through her vagina?

“Ask your mom” is the reply that springs to mind.

I think it’s exhaling sufficiently might not be a problem, but inhaling is. But then I’m a guy, so what do I know. :wink:

Not in a marching band.

If she can decide which set of lips to use!

So what do you win on the bet to post this question?

Playing the trumpet involves more than just blowing air. You have to purse your lips tightly and force air past them, causing them to buzz. No buzz, no trumpet note. I don’t think a vagina can do that.

A buzzing vagina. Now there’s a woman I’d like to meet. Heh.

I have met a few vaginas that have given me a buzz.

But, as a trumpet player, I’d have to think it’s highly unlikely that even the most…talented…individual could produce more than a weak, brief, spluttering toot.

“Concerto for Brass and Queef”, anyone?

“Nice embouchere, baby…”


I think the factual question here has been answered, so I"ll close this thread.

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