Trump's Accounting firm says a decade of TrumpCo financial statements are unreliable

Good or not so, it does seem to be the historical trend with disgraced presidents given pardons. The pardon ability in itself does sort of speak towards being above the law as one person for whatever reason they desire can pardon someone from any federal crime.

Yeah. Pardons are strange. Why even have them?

We were coming from a system and culture that was ruled by a king, and even though that’s the system we overthrew in the revolution, I believe certain aspects of that still remain, the pardon being one of them. I think though people don’t want to be thrown into prison without due process, they want to still have the ability to be thrown out of prison that way.

Huh, thanks. That sort of explains it.

It’s kind of though. There are plenty in power that should be in jail, and plenty in power that will jail others that don’t belong in jail.

Any national security secrets that Trump ever knew, are already in the hands of our enemies.

The only thing that Trump was ever able to convey to our enemies was probably

“Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”

But all those documents he spirited away. How many more are there that nobody even knows about?

To be sure, national security secrets tend to have a short shelf life, but not all of them. The things Trump actually knew about were probably transient, but stuff in documents could be more persistent. Trump was and is a security risk just for having those.

There’s another issue regarding classified information. Sometimes the information is classified to protect the source from getting killed.

Yeah, Trump already showed he doesn’t care about source’s lives when he shared the confidential information about an Israeli source with the Russian Ambassador. Those are just little people.

Worse yet, that source certainly didn’t vote for him.