Trump's Business Acumen

Donald Trump likes to brag about his business acumen. However, as I look up firms that should be competitors of a top real estate firm, I am very interested in what separates Trump’s Org from:

[li]JLL [/li][li]Tishman Speyer[/li][li]Colliers [/li][li]Newmark Grubb Knight Frank[/li][li]CBRE [/li][li]Silverstein (owner of the WTC)[/li][li]Brickman[/li][li]Cushman & Wakefield. [/li][/ul]

Those firms, as one can see by using LinkedIn, actually attract young talent from good schools. Trump Org barely has any. Why is this?

Also, I was looking at Wharton’s real estate center, and Penn is having zero events related to this supposedly great RE company in the coming academic year, the Trump Org has zero people as members of Wharton’s RE center, and zero on the executive committee. Sad!

Two of Trump’s kids graduated Wharton. One graduated Georgetown. All are part of Trump Inc.

that’s obvious tho; of course Wharton takes Trump’s kids (to get donations and fame/notoriety) and his kids wanna basically sit on their asses and get their fathers’ money/fame. But aside from Trump’s kids, few else from top schools ever go work at The Trump Organization. Nobody gets a Booth MBA thinking “yea, I wanna be CIO at The Trump Organization.”

It’s a privately held company operated by the Trump family members at the highest executive positions. So there’s a glass ceiling there. His kids seem well educated and not exactly stupid - though the two oldest boys do exude a Gordon Gekko reptilian feel about them.

I think this guy is happy to be the current the CIO of Trump Hotel Collection. Pretty sure if that position ever comes open, plenty of people would jump at the opportunity.

GlassDoor gives Trump Inc a not too bad rating of 3.4 stars.

I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make with this thread.

I think we’re supposed to repeat the glowing testimonials told about Trump by Trump.

That they get their executives the old fashioned way… through Epidural???