Trump's ban on transgender individuals in the military

Trump just announced (on twitter, obviously) that transgender Americans can’t serve in the military any more. This includes folks like Kristin Beck, who won a bronze star and a purple heart.

This is infuriating to me, as a veteran and a patriot. This policies harms both transgender Americans and our national security, by removing many valiant patriots from the possibility of serving and defending our country. If Mattis doesn’t resign over this then his character is considerably less than I thought.

The rat bastard takes away the rights of thousands of Americans via Twitter, after claiming that he would be better for them than Hillary. What kind of discharge will they receive? How will this effect the benefits of those being kicked out and those that have retired?
Which(if any) of our military leaders will stand up and protest this back-stabbing?

Yep, Trump proves himself the bigot we always knew he was. Again.

This has Bannon written all over it, too.

Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 14, 2016

Is it o.k. to say that Trump is not your president if he first says that you are not among his people?

Not only an outrageous violation of the rights of the TG, but absolutely insane militarily. He’s throwing away a lot of well trained and experienced people. It’s hard enough to get good people to serve, why bar the door for such a stupid reason?

Has anyone seen his reasoning? I mean, he does have reasons for things he does, right? Maybe?

Must throw red meat to the Christian Reich.

He didn’t get his ice cream last night so he picked a card out of a box.

Interesting history note: Truman signed the executive order desegregating the military today in 1948.

An anonymous White House official told a reporter that it was to force Rust Belt Democrats to defend transgender people in 2018.

I am completely with the outrage in the OP.

The sarcastic side of me can’t help but think, “well, until the armed forces solve their sexual assault/rape problems, this is probably a net benefit for trans people”.

He said the military can’t afford the medical expense or the “disruption.” What a mofo.

You goofed when you used “Trump” (pronoun) and “reasoning” in the same sentence. They aren’t in the same universe. He doesn’t need reasons. He operates from his YUUUUGE gut.

His tweeted reason:

As pointless as it may be to parse his word salads, the “would” at the end there suggests that the moron in chief doesn’t know that TG folks are currently effectively and honorably serving.

It was probably more to stoke the flames of the religious right. I get the feeling that Trump went into the campaign and entered the presidency having a somewhat open mind about taking any number of possible avenues that were available to him. But over the course of the campaign and particularly in his first 6-7 months in office, he’s faced the greatest opposition from liberals and they’re quickly becoming his mortal enemy. I don’t think Don really has anything personally against transgendered people, but he knows that his liberal enemies in congress and those who protested his inauguration has a soft spot in their hearts for them, so this is his way of giving the finger.

As Trump’s presidency continues it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the Trump administration has chosen a clear path of extremism and I doubt there’s any turning back now. Trump’s in dire political and legal straights and it will take extreme actions on his part to get himself and associates out of this trap that they’re in. He needs someone he can count on to throw him a lifeline and support the extreme actions he is about to take, which will include pardoning himself and his family and quite possibly breaking the rule of law as it applies to the presidency by shuttering investigations and replacing anyone in government deemed as “disloyal” with loyalists. Yes, we’re at that point. As I said, Trump knows that under ordinary circumstances, nobody would tolerate this and even his fellow party members will find it difficult to shrug off. That’s why he’s going to reach out to the most extreme people he can find, people who can actually sympathize with his extreme actions, and actively shout down and intimidate those who don’t fall into line. And they’ll gladly do so insofar as Trump gives them some rather extreme gifts in return. This is going to get ugly, and it’s just the beginning.

I can’t wait to hear our local Trumpists defending this one.

As much as I thought G.W.B. was a bad President, I never thought of him as a piece of shit. Donald Trump is a piece of shit of a man. His supporters who cried foul at being called bigots are lying pieces of shit.

How does this harm our national security?

It’s pretty weird to decide to kick out several thousand service members who are already in uniform for no good reason.

“No big deal. He says outrageous things all the time, so why should I care about this? It’s not like this is going to doom the country. Meh.”

“I’m not a bigot, I just voted for a bigot to be President.”
“I’m not a bigot, I just support bigotted policies and those who push them”
“I’m not a bigot.”