Trump's inauguration poster has glaring goof.

President Donald Trump’s official inauguration poster, available for sale by the Library of Congress, printed with a quote from the Donald, contains a conspicuously misplaced word.

The quote the poster says, “No dream is too big, no challenge is to great. Nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach.”

Extra “o” available for the poster, sold separately. :smiley:

That’s what you get when you print your posters in Mexico.

To great or not to great?

If that was the purpose of the quote, then I am not seeing the error.

And of course, Gaudere strikes again. That should have been “The quote on the poster says…”


Hmm. Since the word “too” appears correctly in the sentence, “No dream is too big.” I can only assume they know how to spell it. Perhaps in the sentence, “No challenge is to great”, they spelled the word “to” right and the word “great” wrong.

Maybe the Cheeto is assuring us that he has no trouble grating cheese with his stubby little fingers?

At what point do you think this error was introduced? I have my doubts that Trump himself came up with the quote, but if he did, he would likely have dictated it to someone. I’m guessing someone else came up with the quote (Bannon?) and sent it to the printers. Regardless, at some point it got to the printers. Was this a cut-and-paste into the poster document or did the printers retype the quote and introduce the typo?

Some printers may do a courtesy proofread, but in this case they were instructed that the #1 priority in printing the poster was to protect the borders.

And it’s not a misplaced word, it’s a misspelled word.

Printers don’t just print things without approval by the client. Regardless of who introduced the typo, they would have sent a proof to the client for approval (or had the client come in to approve the proof). Any typos are the client’s responsibility.

Where is that like button?

No, the word “to” was spelled correctly. It was the wrong homophone. They used it incorrectly in place of the word “too.” It’s like using “their” instead of “they’re.”

That’s appropriate. The man himself is a glaring goof.

To grate; he’s not too great. :frowning:

… and we are baited and trolled again. Yet another day where we chase the small stuff while Bannon hatches another plan.

trump is truly representative of his supporters.

I think there’s room for both.

Who cares about the difference between to and too, anyway? Just use the same word for both, or better yet, just use a number.

“. . .no challenge is 147 great.”? Doesn’t seem to work so well, but then I’m not a mathematicalist.

You just used it.