Trump's military parade estimated to cost $12 mil

The same can be said for any parade.

In this case, a military parade would feature many who were physically or psychologically wounded. You could also say its for a fallen comrade, similar to what the cops do when on of their own passes in the line of duty.

So why not have a parade for them Ravenman?
PS: A Baltimore Raven’s fan I presume? Flaaco has been subpar relative to his peers for years. The cost of cutting him against the salary cap is rather high. Jackson isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and will struggle with accuracy in the pro’s. Which quarterback do you think will start the season?

Could they do it so the only faces he sees have brown holes in the middle?

Personally, I don’t like it when thousands of cops show up for the funeral of one of their own. If they’re on their own time, fine, but I suspect many are there on the clock.

I propose that wounded warriors would enjoy tickets to a football game better than traveling to DC on their own dime to see troops marching. Spend the $12m that way. You could buy about a quarter-million college football tickets for that amount of money.

Not a Ravens fan.

You’re in favor of making a bunch of wounded vets march down a street to impress Trump? That’s not very nice.

Trump likes it, he likes to be worshiped and his power on display. He seems jealous of the loyalty the population shown to leaders such as Kim Jong Un and desires that done to him. I would totally expect something like this from Trump. As for how much it costs, it’s a great talking point, but I really don’t believe he (and many others people) care at all about how much something costs us for their programs, they jsut talk about the costs to appear like they care but even more so with Trump as he is a extreme machiavellianist.

As for me, if there was some cool weapons on display I might ‘skim watch it’ for that reason, but really I could do without it.

Well, part of the deal is that he originally wanted a parade with weapons systems and tanks and the such rolling down Pennsylvania Av. a-la Victory Day but then the Chiefs told him that (a) the streets of DC can’t take it and (b) those systems are where they are needed, we don’t keep showpiece Patriot batteries or Abrams companies on call for parades.

So instead he recast it as a Salute to the Troops on the ocassion of the centennial of Armistice Day. Which as others have mentioned, the actual troops would rather it be actually doing some nice things for them, than making them drill, form and march all day putting on a show so the CinC can stand there looking CinCly.

Will Trump wear sunglasses and a big hat with lots of gold braid?

there are a lot of troops on the east coast that could be bussed in. For example here in NC we have Ft Bragg (Army) and Camp Lejeune (Marines) which are very big bases. Norfolk has a large Navy base. I guess we will see if they fly troops in from all over which would drive costs up. No matter what they do it is a waste of money.

We had a local parade after the first Gulf War with mostly Bragg and Lejuene troops , other cities did the same, ours was called a victory parade.

The average cost a year’s tuition for an in-state resident at a public college or university is just under $10,000.

The cost of the parade could pay for 1,200 students’ tuition to bring them closer to being doctors, research scientists, teachers, etc. Instead it will pay for an hour or two of our military pointlessly marching in our own streets so they can salute a man who just said that he believes Russia’s people over our own.

I wish the military would spend all of their money on parades.

My cousin’s kid has neuroblastoma. (He’s actually doing well, better than most). That $12 million would be VERY welcome at CHOP.

Captain Oblivious! :cool:

The parade is ridiculous, but it’s so trivial compared to everything else Trump is in the news for today. Even the cost isn’t much, it’s equivalent to two of his weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago. I’m not going to waste any of my outrage on this.

There’s very little outrage about it, just scorn and laughter and headshaking.

Maybe Trump could borrow some parade technology from North Korea. Thousands of girls waving flags and banners. And missile launchers, lots of 'em, with nuclear warheads. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Maybe they’ll even let him blow the horn on one of the trucks.

Since the parade will be on November 11, pretty much every other foreign dignitary in the world will be in his/her own country for that country’s commemoration of the centennial of the World War I armistice.

Hmmm…except perhaps Russia, which left the war early to have its own revolution.

he probably wants the troops to carry a giant picture of him down the street like they do in Russia, China , N. Korea, and other dictatorships .

Put him in a military ambulance, let him run the siren, and take a detour to St. Elizabeths. :smiley: