Trump's military parade estimated to cost $12 mil

what is more shocking is that he wants to copy an idea from France ,maybe he thinks they are a US state where people talk funny?

I’m more thumbs down on the whole concept, rather than the estimated cost. It’s a stupid idea and completely pointless, but 12 Mil isn’t even pocket change. I’m guessing we’ve spent much more ferrying Trump to various golf engagements. Regarding military displays, what’s the annual cost of military overflights at NASCAR events?

And yeah, although Trump supposedly got the idea while viewing the yearly French parade, does anyone now doubt he’s really thinking about the Russian and North Korean equivalents?

I agree with El Kabong that the idea is distasteful for the idea of it, not the cost. However, it apparently will cost just about the same as the joint military exercises with South Korea that Trump cancelled and called very expensive.

If the Baby Trump balloon will be there then I’m all for it.

Which group does not have a parade these days? I’m pretty sure my tax dollars helps pays for some of them, so the Military who protect us deserves on too.

Doctors and nurses don’t have parades. Sanitation workers don’t have parades. Teachers don’t have parades. Judges don’t have parades. Crab fisherman don’t have parades.

You say the military “deserves” a parade. I’m highly skeptical they want this. They’re going to be ordered to do it by Donald Fucking Trump, so I doubt they’ll feel honored in any way by the whole spectacle.

I’m going to throw you a pizza party. Except, you’re going to do all the work to make the pizzas and serve them to other people in attendance. In what way is this honoring you, by making you do all the work?

If we want to spend $12 million to honor the troops, don’t make them come to DC with all their hardware and march down Pennsylvania Avenue. Do something nice for the troops, like give them a day off of work or something.

Do you understand the difference between a parade honoring the military, and a parade of the military? Besides, the military march in many, many parades throughout the country throughout the year.

Let Russia pay for it.

Will the troops have enough time to practice goosestepping?

A useful reference point in this headline:

Trump’s military parade expected to cost nearly as much as ‘tremendously expensive’ canceled war games

The contortions you go through to support Trump are just too damn funny. I mean, does that actually, really, legitimately make sense to you?


I guaran-fucking-tee the poor bastards whose units will be chosen for this HATE the idea.

Yeah, this. Being “honored” by being forced to march in a parade is a strange definition of “honored”

What a waste of money. I wonder what hotel will host the foreign dignitaries in attendance?

Sure, it might have appeal to those who make daily posts on Facebook professing endless adoration of the troops, but this will be the dullest parade of the year.

The parade is not *for *the military. It’s *by *the military, *for *Trump.

Since it’s for him, Trump says everyone in the parade can bring their spouse along and also the person they are cheating with.

It’s not a parade by Trump honoring the military, it’s a parade by the military to honor Trump.

If Trump wants to march down Pennsylvania Avenue holding up a sign praising the military and give some soldiers the day off, he should feel free to do so.

The marching order should be arranged such that the only faces Trump can see are brown ones.

If they all gave him a left-handed salute as they marched by, do you think he would notice?