Trust me, I know what I'm watching

Woo-hoo! Just got the season one set of Sledge Hammer!.

A hilarious, but grossly underappreciated show from the 80’s.

Any other Sledge fans out there?

I remember being a big fan of this show as a kid, but I haven’t seen it in at least a decade, maybe more. Maybe I should order it.

It was one of the those that someone at the network (ABC, in this case) didn’t what to do with (grammar police!)

They kept pre-empting it and moving it around. The writers were not afraid to rip their competition. Hell, they even ripped shows on their own network. There’s was some animosity between the cast of Sledge and the cast of Mr. Belvedere. I’m sure it’s mentioned in the commentary.

One of my favorites jabs took place after the show was moved to Fridays at 9pm opposite then ratings giant Miami Vice. Sledge walks into a nightclub and the TV is showing Miami Vice, so Sledge shoots it!

On Miami Vice, around the same time, you would hear Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” playing in a club scene.

Marvel comics also did a very short Sledge series.

Though I haven’t seen the show in years, I can’t forget-

“He’s singing with a golden microphone!”

“Do you have this ‘cookie’ Doreau?”


“I am, Hammeroid!”

Hammer’s on DVD?!?

Must resist tempation to leave work hours early and head to Best Buy…


Exactly the same here. I loved it as a kid. Such good silly goofy good comedy.

One of THE best season ending cliffhangers and resolutions.

The creator didn’t know if the show was to be renewed for a second season, so he had Sledge accidentally detonate a nuclear weapon that destroyed the city. When the show was given another chance, the opening credits informed viewers that this season takes place five years prior to the first season! The title screen said, “Sledge Hammer! (the early years)” Now THAT’S brilliant writing.

What a great show that was. Who was the actor that starred init? He was in a movie years ago where he was a biker that had to cross state lines to his gang could bury a buddy. (In NV?) Anyway, I remember the song about free beer in Heaven and always wanted to learn it. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

David Rasche.

Hope the first season set sells well enough so they’ll see fit to release the second season on dvd as well.

And isn’t it a shame Rasche never became a huge star especially in comedies? This guy obviously can do funny.

[Captain Trunk]

That man makes Rambo look like Pee Wee Herman.

[/Captain Trunk]

Yeah I got the set last week and have been watching an episode a day. Amazing how well it’s held up too. Sure some of the jokes are lame, but there are several really good laughs each show. And for such a low profile show, Anchor Bay did a fantastic job on the packaging and dvd’s themselves.

Gotta say I was amazed to learn (by watching the credits) the theme song was composed by…Danny Elfman!

As far as the Marvel Comics version of Sledge Hammer goes, I’m proud to say I own the complete run. Yep, both issues!

Masters Of Menace.

Thanks to Mr Blue Sky for giving us Rasche’s name.

John Candy, and IIR Dan Ackroyd have cameos. Squiggy plays one of the bikers.

I got the DVD for my dad for his birthday. Unfortunately, he lives 3000 miles away, so I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Maybe at Christmas…

That’s the one, thanks! (off the the video store to learn the song) :wink: