Truth and Reconciliation Committee (JFK, MLK, etc)

This seems to be one of the earliest mentions. It includes the press release of the commission.

So, legit.

Those sneaky little Finns. I never even suspected them.

A group of conspiracy theorists that have already concluded that there is a vast conspiracy linking a bunch of deaths want to investigate what is already known, and they want to continue the investigation until they get the answers they already “know”?
As my beloved Grandmother used to say, “Fuck that shit”.

They weren’t.

This has been investigated to death, particularly JFK. JKF was killed by a Marxist nutcase, MLK Jr. was killed by a racist nutcase, Robert Kennedy was killed by a Palestinian nutcase, and Malcolm X was killed by some Muslim nutcases. No government conspiracies necessary.


What is going on here is the fallacy that “Great Men” can only be assassinated by “Great Means”, because surely a simple bullet from a simple gun fired by an average person couldn’t be enough to overcome such greatness. I know there is a name for this type of thinking, but I’m drawing a blank right now.

Too bad that any of those Great Men didn’t draw a blank.
Too soon?

The Just Universe theory?

Old, old joke news headline from George Carlin - “Jacques Cousteau drowns in bathtub accident.”

Shooting JFK was pretty much the only successful thing Oswald ever did. That doesn’t “feel” fair.


In the opening to his book 11/22/1963, Stephen Kings states he is 100% certain that Oswald acted alone. He reviewed all the evidence, and decided Oswald was too much of a paranoid Marxist nutcase to work with anyone.

Of course, someone believes Stephen King shot John Lennon

And neither of you mention Jack Ruby. That’s justice for you, I suppose.

Jack Ruby was a publicity hound, and was sure that killing Oswald was his ticket to becoming a national hero. He thought it would propel him from being a small-time criminal in the Dallas nightlife to being a big-shot. Now, a half-century later? He’s a trivia answer, a footnote, and mainly of interest to the sad cases who work him into increasingly-overcomplicated conspiracy theories about who killed Kennedy. He’s a sideshow even in the minds of the people obsessed with this stuff.

When you put it like that, I think somebody should be investigating the Planters Corporation.

I bet they’ll crack the case wide open. Butter get on this soon, or we may have a smear campaign gumming up everything.

You think Planters, I think Chock full o’Nuts coffee.

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