Try a Google search on Barney!

Just for the thrills of it, I just now tried the TITLE query: Not One Hit!

How does one calculate the odds of such a thing?

Do they have that particular query blocked or something? Is there a conspiracy?

I got over 83 million hits.
I think it’s you.

Hmm, I just saw a whole bunch of purple dinosaurs.

Yeah! But no “Barney Google” seemed odd to me. Surely there’s at least one other person to remember

Barney Google (with the goo-goo-googely eyes)

Maybe not…

Searching “Barney Google” with the quotes gets me 449,000 hits. Without quotes I get 38,000,000 hits, and all the ones I looked at on the first few pages are about the cartoon character. So I’m still not sure what the OP is saying. Did you just search for “Barney”? Barney the dinosaur is currently a lot more well-known than Mr. Google, but the Barney Google hits are undoubtedly somewhere in the 83,000,000 “Barney” hits.

I am thoroughly confused. Is there an inside joke I’m missing, OP? All variations of the queries give me tons of hits.

When I read the comments at I found it amusing that the Boardwalk Empire references were so prominent. I don’t remember the “Gyp Rosetti” version at all, and I did watch that show enough to have heard/seen it.

Certainly no big deal in the Big Picture of Life, but I’d have thought “Barney Google” from the years I was a little kid ought to have some people (my age and older) aware at least of that character if not the song.

Thanks for the replies!

Not likely many people remember him–after all, it has been days and days since his last appearance.

I remember my grandmother playing “Barney Google” on her organ. “Barney Google” also comes up in “Night Court” (Judge Stone was conceived to that song).

Outstanding! Makes this thread worth the trouble! The mental images of that conception and associated details will likely keep me awake tonight! Thanks for providing some actual value to this post! :smiley:

Are you the heir to the Snuffy Smith estate?

I have no idea what the OP isn’t able to find, but I only know the name “Barney Google” from Bobby Canavale’s character mentioning it on *Boardwalk Empire. *