Try this for a solution to the Iraq problem.

But you haven’t given any acceptable reason why it should happen. Your plan causes more problems than any relief it offers, and you haven’t yet proven that your premise exists.

They why, exactly, were the Israelis hunkering down in bomb cellars during the Gulf War, wearing gas masks and taping around the windows and doors? They live with this everyday, there’s really nothing new here for them, only for us.

I’m guessing that the Israelis would be able to take care of this on their own.

Thanks for providing the links about the Iraqi biological weapons program and the threat of anthrax. I still think your solutions for this and other issues you’ve posted on are so far outside the real world possibilities as to be meaningless. They are premised on the idea that a huge display of force by the US can solve any problem. It makes the problems into bigger threats than they are, other countries into simple black boxes, and human nature an afterthought.

With this ongoing “war” in Afghanistan, there is a large chance that Manhattan may fall victim to another devestating terrorist attack…

…so, it might be a good idea to completely evacuate the entire city of New York. We can temporarily relocate all the residents and business to rural areas & Canada.

Also, maybe we can relocate our federal government while we’re at it…

So xanakis, whaddya think?

Xanakis’ “plan” for dealing with Saddam is every bit as sensible and practical as his “plan” to locate Anthrax terrorists by interrogating the entire poulation of northern New Jersey, or his “plan” to thwart hijackings by arming every airline passenger.

If some of you folks are entertained by these harebrained schemes, no problem, but I think this guy is just looking for attention.


Can we launch Monica Lewinsky’s fat ass over to Iraq and squoosh the cheesey mustached leader. Maybe we can paint her disgusting lips with Anthrax and have her pleasure his sandy crusty privates.


John John, Is that you?