Trying out nested spoilers

Do they work?Yes.How deep?456789Enough already!Ten deep. And they retain their open state. Awesome.

Does it work for everyone else?


Scrolling up with them open messes with my head a bit, though.

All I wanted to see was if someone could have a real spoiler, and still throw in a spoilered NSFW link. When it worked, I figured I’d see how far it would go. I got tired at 10.

I see you turned it up to 11.

I had to raise you one.:smiley:

That’s very cool to know, thanks! I’m going to add that to the list of ways to display NSFW links…

Here’s a link to a NSFW nude picture of Laura BushNo, just kidding

Darn you, Dex! I was just heading to my bunk!