Trying to estimate taxes for rental property

My wife sold some rental property and I want to know where in my return I would find the carryover losses from previous tax years. I don’t think those losses have been deducted in their entirety. Anybody know?


On my 2011 Return form 8582

I don’t do my taxes, we’ve had a wonderful tax preparer for years who is extremely familiar with rental properties and very thorough in using what is necessary.

Rental properties require a separate form, and it’s all calculated and figured differently. You’ve got your taxes, your insurance, your property management fees, your maintenance, and YOUR DEPRECIATION.

IMHO, it’s worth it to let a professional take care of it for you. And best of all, your tax prep fees are DEDUCTIBLE!

Form 8582 is the computational form used to limit losses from passive activities. The passive income or losses from real estate rentals should generally be reported on Schedule E, Supplemental Income and Loss