Trying to find a book/series

OK, I read this series of books when I was in Junior High, and I really like them, but I can’t remember the AUthor or the Name of the series. They were about this boy who has to gather all these talisman things, and they are in the shape of a circle with a line through it. Anyway, that is the only real detail I can remember. The rest of the series deals with his quests to get them. I know it’s not much, but thought I would ask.


Sounds like The Dark Is Rising, by Susan Cooper.

The books in the series are:
Over Sea, Under Stone (this one is sort of a prequel)
The Dark is Rising
The Grey King
Silver on the Tree

The boy finds all the talismans (talismen??) in The Dark Is Rising, the rest of the series they are questing after other, related signs.


I think I read that. It took place at a mountain in Wales didn’t it? Also had a bad guy named Caradog Pritchard (sp?) IIRC.


That’s what the quote should’ve looked like.

Thanks, that was the series I was lookin for. :slight_smile: