Trying to find a good Mexican restaurant in Denver

If you are from the L A area, think Los Burritos.
I’m looking for a Mexican restaurant with decent salsa (chunky and not too hot) and authentic Mexican cooking (no orange cheese - all white whose name starts out “Queso”). Chicken tacos should be all-white meat and they wouldn’t dream of a ground beef taco. Any of those in Denver?

Federal Boulevard between Colfax and Hamden. you can’t swing a cat without hitting great little mom and pop restaurants or food trucks.

What about Torres on S Federal?

Ooh! Ooh! What’s the one with the indoor pool and the diving shows and magic shows and wandering mariachi players??? Forget the food, go for the show!

Casa Bonita.

Don’t eat the food. It cleans like a white tornado!

Patzcuaro’s is my favorite.

Denver, IMHO, is about the northern extent of New Mexico-style Mexican, rather than either Tex-Mex or whatever you’d get in L.A. The flavor emphasis is on green chiles (rather than jalapenos) and most burritos, etc, are smothered in a sauce made from them.

It’s been too long since I’ve lived there for me to recommend a place anymore, though the Federal Blvd advice seems spot-on. For better, cheaper, and more authentic, find any of the local joints down in Pueblo.

And yes, avoid Casa Bonita at all costs.

Check out Tamayo on Larimer Square.

I disagree. If you have kids, it’s worth it to hit Casa Bonita. The place really is… memorable.

I haven’t been there for 25 years, but memorable was spot on. I liked the cliff diving gorilla and Black Bart’s cave.