Trying to identify a book

Hi yall. I read a book two thousand years ago, which was a French translation entitled “Metropolis” (I think…). I remember some of the story, but have no idea who wrote it, or what the original title was.

I think the story might be set in New York. It’s about a pathologist/forensic expert or something like that, who has a teenaged daughter. The main part of the story consists of an investigation into a double murder - pieces of two bodies are found in ?the water? and the pathologist has to put them together and try and identify them. The one they think is a woman turns out to be a man - they figure this out because the nail polish is applied sideways, not lengthwise. They also deduce something from the way the teeth were brushed.

There is also stuff about the guy’s daughter - I think she runs away or is hitchhiking or something and gets picked up by someone - I don’t recall if she dies or not.

I remember enjoying this book as a teenager - my first foray into forensic pathology. Now, with all those forensic shows on TV, I’ve been thinking about this book a lot and would like to see if I can get my grubby little paws on it. I figure at least one other person must have read it… Thanks.