Trying to identify educational films

In elementary school I remember watching 2 educational films. One was about the human body. The other one I think was about space travel, because there was a section about relativity and the twin paradox. What these two films had in common was that both featured a reporter who asked questions of this professor who looked like Arthur C. Clarke (short balding hair, glasses). It looked like they were made in the 50’s or 60’s. Does anybody remember these? Are they available online?

Try The Prelinger Archives.

You’ll find a ton of these kinds of movies there (and they’re free!).

These films (originally made for TV) were both included in the Bell Science series. The human body one was called Hemo the Magnificent, which I saw at least three times throughout my years as a schoolboy. The space travel picture is probably Our Mr. Sun, which I don’t recall ever viewing, even though I know at least one of my brothers was treated to it. Here is an article about the films, and here is some ordering information (my search through the first couple of pages of Google search results for “Hemo the Magnificent” didn’t yield any downloadable copies of the movies).

“He was best known for wearing glasses and having no hair.”

That’s the guy! I think the films I remember are “Gateways to the Mind” and “About Time”.