Trying to remember a TV show

I’ve been trying to find this TV show for years. I think this was an episode on a TV show with a different story every week, like Alfred Hitchcock, Thriller, or one of the many others like Kraft Television Theatre, etc. It takes place in contemporary times (1950s or early 1960s). An older man with an automatic pistol (probably a .45) is holding a woman captive in a what I believe is a castle. A younger man is trying to rescue her. First the young man tries dropping a cannon ball on the older man’s head, rolling it in a gutter or something so it will drop through a hole, but he misses. Next, he fills an atomizer (like for spraying perfume) with pepper, or maybe pepper and water. When the old man comes to the door, he sprays the pepper in his face and rescues the girl. I remember my dad saying “the old man is holding the gun wrong!” because his thumb is wrapped around the curved part in the back of the slide, which would have bolted backwards when he fired pistol and injured his thumb. My dad always picked out these little errors. Can someone please help me remember the name of this show? I saw it on TV in the early 1960s but it may have been made earlier.

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Cannonball on head? Atomizer full of black pepper? And not the Three Stooges or Bugs Bunny? (No, I’m pretty sure it’s neither.) You got me.

Could it have been one of the Matt Helm movies?