Trying to solve the starless sky problem with VR (but nearsighted!)

I’m sick of not seeing any stars around here because of the level of light pollution and constant bad weather conditions.

So I got this app on my smartphone: SkyView. It shows me what stars I would be seeing if there had been a clear sky around me. It even has enhanced information like constellation images.

It’s great. But it’s too small. It doesn’t give me the feeling of actually being able to see stars around me.

So I tried out one of those VR headsets ( that basically holds your phone in front of your eyes. I thought the hands-free feature would get a little bit closer to what I’m looking for.

But, it turns out that they’re not made for extremely nearsighted people. My phone display remains blurry just outside my field of clear vision. And the headset won’t accommodate my spectacles either.

This thing looks interesting —{creative}%2C{keyword}&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIst7UmMHH2QIVSFcNCh36ngkREAQYAiABEgKzefD_BwE

— But you have to hold it in front of your face with your hands, so it’s not as nice as a strap-on head set.

So … hmmm … Any ideas?

Try other VR headsets. Some have enough clearance for eyeglasses.

So, you are talking about planetarium glasses. Pretty cool idea. But you won’t pick up any meteors that way. I think my wife mentioned a phone app that would detect and record meteor trails over a long period of time. Nothing is going to compare with seeing the dark sky with my naked eyes again. I have to get this done soon, it’s been way too long.

p.s. This headset is not too bad, it has just enough clearance for my eyeglasses. Better than others in this price range.

The Wearality Sky is better - good optics with good field of view, and even more clearance for glasses.

The Google Daydream View is also nice, if you have a compatible phone.

Though honestly, there’s really no substitute to going out of the city and enjoying the real sky…

Buy the largest Android tablet (that has sufficient positional sensors) that you can afford.

And how will I wear it on my head?