TSA Moron Climbs On Plane Using Sensors As Handholds

Commuter Flights Grounded Thanks To Bumbling TSA Inspector

Didn’t this jackass ever hear of a nifty new invention called “a ladder”? :smack:

No, no, you’ve got it all wrong. This is a good thing. If they keep doing stupid shit like this, then maybe, just maybe, they’ll get rid of the whole useless organization.

George? Is that you?

Probably works for the Mayor on the side…

From the linked article:

The key word, Bubba, is into. All your monkey in a rent-a-cop suit accomplished was breaking parked planes.

How about leaving aircraft inspection to the folks who know what they’re doing, and keep us safe from terrorists who want to hijack a plane using a pierced titty.

Has the TSA done anything to justify keeping them around despite their constant fuckups? Even just one terrorist or one suspicious looking device that was actually a bomb and not a breadboard with some LEDs on it?

But this sort of thing isn’t limited to TSA staff. I read a tale where a Lynx helicopter landed and some Rupert grabbed the door release handle instead of the door open handle and so the door fell off!

Gah! that moron should be thrown in jail together to whomever sent him to do that if for no other reason than reminding all other plane tampering idjits how serious stunts like this are. Planes can and HAVE crashed thanks to people monkeying with their sensors and probes, off the top of my head I can think of an AeroPeru 757 or 767 that crashed into the sea because someone left some tape over a static discharge port.


Read, laugh, think, weep.

Ohhh… 3000th post! :cool:

Give me that job - I’m a pilot, I can not only look at an airplane, I know better than to break shit off it.

And I need a better job.

Holy crap, that’s hilarious.

It was a sad day when SatireWire stopped updating.

That was satire?

I started to be suspicious during the paragraph about the Washington Monument. They said that 12 out of 13 airport security stations failed to notice it, but that it was caught in Los Angeles by a screener who thought it was a knife. That was the giveaway; I don’t believe it would have been caught.

This seems like a good thread to post a recent story from The Consumerist:

TSA Martinet Claims Her Unpublished Rules Trump Real Ones

It’s not a story that can be easily summarized in a sentence or two; you really need to read the whole thing.