tsunami damage in California: why were the boats all docked?

The news this weekend showed the tsunami arriving in California, where it rolled into harbors and bays, trashing rows and rows of boats moored there.

Why were these boats all moored up, rather than having been moved out to open ocean, where they would have been safe? Uninformed/absentee owners? It seems like a lot of damage happened that didn’t really need to, and I’m curious as to whether there’s some broad reason for it.

How far out do you need to be, to be safe? How many of those boats are not really meant to be out of sight of the shore? Was there worries about whirlpools? Was 6 hours enough time for a lot of boats? Were they fuels and ready to go?

We just did this:

I know little of boats or tsunamis, but I doubt anyone’s first instinct hearing a massive tidal wave is about to hit is to jump in a boat.

I would rather take the risk that my boat wil be damaged in the harbour than the risk that my car will be damaged in the marina’s parking lot.