TubaDiva - Request for Threadspotting and Weird Earls

Not so much Threadspotting, but Weird Earls, I always clicked on these under a previous format of the home page where the links always appeared on the first screen of the page. Now, however, Weird Earls are always below the bottom of the screen and it takes a conscious effort to remember to scroll down and most times I don’t bother (or remember).

I almost always enjoyed those weird URLs. Maybe a redesign of the home page to bring this link and the Threadspotting link to the top of the page.


What are you clicking on?

On the Straight Dope front page, the Threadspotting link is right under and to the left of the graphic for the current column. The Weird Earl link is not far under that in the same column.

TubaDiva When I look at the home page, I do see the Threadspotting title, followed by some links with explanations. The Weird Earls link, however, is not visible. You have to scroll down in order to see it.


Not like you have to scroll down fifty feet. :slight_smile:

Sorry you got out of the habit.

If this were a newspaper, the Weird Earls link would be ‘below the fold’, a spot reserved for less important news.


The amount of scroll (or not) is totally dependent upon your screen resolution, font and display size. Pretty much like all web pages.

If this were a newspaper, you’d have to pay for your thrills, but you could light your cigar with it afterwards.