Tucker, we love you, but...

What the fuck man? Am I just a complete sucker for following your stories and feeling a modicum of sympathy?

What got this going was your OP here.

If you’re being treated for depression, you won’t notice physical symptoms from not taking the meds that morning. How do I know?

Bipolar here. I have one med for the manic, and one for the depressive. You can’t tell you took anything day by day, and it takes a few days minimum of missing meds to show a lack of meds.

But it won’t be in 2 days.

Talk to the doc, and ratchet back the med need

This couldn’t have been part of the other thread?

I’ll resist the temptation to start another thread, and reply right here in this one. It’s something new I’m trying out.

Anyway, don’t think that your experience is going to be substantially the same as that of other people — especially when it comes to side effects.

I took SSRIs (fluoxetine, specifically) for a while to manage Raynauds, and I found that there was quite a bit of myalgia and headache when I started taking them, which went away, and then returned when I missed a few doses, big time.

Fuck, the guy’s understandably anxious enough already. Don’t be a dick based on assumptions you’re making from ignorance. Medications affect different people differently.


As Larry notes, your experiences are hardly universal. Hell, I’ve been on well over a dozen anti-depressants and related meds, and haven’t felt even the slightest withdrawal symptom from any of them.

A quick search will show you that Tucker’s experiences aren’t terribly uncommon. Check out this PDF by David Healy, MD, of the North Wales Dept of Psychological Medicine:

I take fluoxetine as well. Since Larry mentioned it, I assume he doesn’t mind telling that many know it it by it’s brand name, Prozac.

Going through some threads, I see it’s been done.

Mods please kill this thread

Pitting was because the drugs don’t take effect in a day or two.

And he was going nuts for missing meds for a day\

Except I haven’t missed a day’s worth of meds. I’d been cutting the doses trying to get it to last until I got the money to get a refill.

You’re pitting him because of that? When there’s already another thread, hardly out of its nappies, already in this forum? Sheesh!

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Ta muchly, duffer. Can’t exactly say you are, though, mate. :rolleyes:

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I’ll have t’ get t’ know you better, then. Far be it for me to exclude instances where my opinion could be changed. :slight_smile:

You’re bitching about how you will miss out of your meds, I tried, nay, sacked up and mentioned my own affliction that you apparently share. suffer missing one day. Was I wrong and you were over-reacting?

You won’t suffer anything for a day. Unless you want to spread the concern of people finding a cure


You’re such a worthless prick.

I’m amazed that you scurry out into the light from under your rock to criticize others.

Wow, you told me I’m worthless? I thought you had that out of your system the last few times.

Can you try to stay on topic? I realize your crotch needs some serious care, but I hate to concern syself with your sludge

**duffer ** go back and re-read neutron’s cite. It should clear up your confusion. (What in the world makes you think the time to onset of withdrawal symptoms must equal the time it takes for the drug to improve mood? Also different antidepressants have very different half-lives and withdrawal characteristics. AFAIK Effexor, for instance has a half-life of 3 to 7 hours and I’ve heard it can cause a nasty withdrawal syndrome.)

You may be right and he may be imagining it but you definitely don’t know that. In fact you seem pretty godddamn clueless. IMHO it is you that should be pitted for this pitting.

By the way, I appreciate you’re post.

I had something to contribute based on a prescription drug that I take, but forgot about you.

I thought it may have been something I said, then realized I know what I’m talking about, but you hate me and jump on my username.

Shut the fuck up when it comes to Dopers finding others on prescription drugs,

I’d call you a worthless cunt…but…

Clueless? Show me where there is withdrawal after a day or two. That gives quite a few hours.

I suspect Tucker is hitting either anxiety or panic attacks.

If anti-depressants are the main drug, there is no way one day makes a person go back to ground-zero

A simple google search brought me to an online article from Postgraduate Medicine Online on SSRI discontinuation syndrome (i.e. withdrawal).

And I quote:

Annoying to have to quote since Neutron already gave you a cite and quote which I pointed out to you in my last post.