Tuesday Birthday...Ugh.

Following on the heels of the Holidays falling on the worst possible day (Wednesday) I’ve now discovered that my Birthday is falling on a Tuesday.


Odd how that happens about every seven years, ain’t it?

What’s wrong with having a birhtday on a Tuesday? It happend to me a couple of times, and it wasn’t so bad.

Actually, not quite every seven years, what with the leap years. Consider this: my birthday is also on a Tuesday, right in the middle of the week when there can be no good partying. You have to shift it around.

And here’s the really crappy thing for the Christmas celebrators (and everyone who follows the Gregorian calendar): the next time that the holidays fall on Fridays is 2009.

I don’t get it. Why is Tuesday bad? (somethign to do wiht Tuesday’s Child?)

Hey, my birthday’s on a Tuesday this year, too! Suddenly I feel like hell.

Oh, wait. No, I don’t.

What’s wrong with Tuesday? Don’t want to miss Buffy?

I win! I win! My birthday is the first Monday in my mock GCSE exams!

My sixteenth, too. Funfunfun.

Oh wow. Mine’s on a Tuesday this year too. How bizarre.
23 in 2003, I was born on a Tuesday and my birthday falls on a Tuesday this year. Interesting indeed.

Way I figure it though, it’s not really your birthday until you get a chance to party, so I plan on partying Friday, Sat’d, and Sun to make up for having to wait through Tues, Wed, and Thursday.

I was born on a Saturday, but my b-day this year is on a Thursday. Not that it matters, what with my husband miles and miles away… <deep sad sigh>

Well, I’ll be 23 in 2003 too, and I’m on a Monday this year. Does that mean that I was born on a Monday originally (I mean, if it holds for XJETGIRLX, it’s true for me too, right?)?

UncleBeer, we need a special “Tounge in Cheek” smiley just for you! :wink:

Mine’s on Sunday, Labor Day weeekend! I think I’ll start partying on Friday! :smiley:

Mine is a Tuesday also, and I’ve got an 11:10 hockey game that night so I can’t even go out to dinner. I’ll be following XJETGIRLX’s approach, and I’ve got MLKj weekend to do it in!

I’ll be 30 in 2003, and my birthday falls on a Monday.
Thrilling, isn’t it? Good thing it’s still about 9 months away.

Hey Lsura, is your birthday October 6th? That’s my birthday.

So maybe I can’t count or something (and I really was an auditor)…mine’s actually 8 months off. I’m September 8.

your saying your birthday is this tues? jan. 7th? what a lucky duck. that is christmas!!!

i’m having a four day weekend, took off monday and tuesday. i’ll raise a cheeseburger in your honour.

Not necessarily. Since 1980 was a leap year, that should only hold true for those who will turn 23 on March 1 or later. My birthday was also in 1980, but it was before February 29. It turns out that I was born on a Tuesday, but my birthday this year will be on a Wednesday.

It will be next Thursday for me. I got ripped off…

I’m turning 18 on a sunday. Woo hoo, a Sunday. So I can’t go up to montreal with a few of my friends until that friday (I live close to the boarder, guess what the drinking age is there)