Tuna sells for $3,000,000

Probably best to skip the tuna sushi at his place for awhile.



Bluefin is soooooo yummy though.

Sorry, Charlie.

I hope Mr. Kimura remembered to put it in the fridge when he got home.

Stupid conspicuous consumption gonna stupid conspicuous consumption, I guess.

This is from Fox. Fake news?

Yeah, imagine sitting down for dinner at that restaurant with a hankering for a big fat tuna steak*, too hungry to be concerned about what the actual “market price” is?
*I imagine asking them to cook that tuna would probably get you kicked out, though.

Sure, but I would not turn down a dinner invitation to his home.

I’d estimate that this works out to about $500 per 1oz piece of sushi. I could believe he might conceivably get $50 in Japan.

So this is basically a bullshit price that makes no economic sense. I think this is simply a publicity stunt, and the money somehow gets kicked backed to Kiyomura Corp.

Maybe they’ll have it taxidermied and hung on the wall. Rig up the jaw and you can sing Karaoke songs with it.

Considering I now know who this guy is (before I even saw on this board), and I’m not even Japanese, I’d say it is pretty cheap world wide publicity to be honest. I think he was paying for that, tuna secondary.

The BBC said the usual price for such a fish would be $60K and that it’s (a) a publicity stunt and (b) a New Year’s tradition that it’s good luck to get the best fish at the first auction of the year