Grampa had this procedure done on him Thursday morning.

The catheter is his til Monday morning. The doc attached a day time…um…collection bag? (I don’t know what these things are called) … and also gave him a night time collection bag.

The day bag is smaller and needs to be emptied every couple of hours. The night bag is larger and is meant to hang from the bedrails - lower than grampa’s…[sub]Ok, look, I know I’m a grown-up and all, but grampas aren’t supposed to have a prostrate, let alone a penis, and the idea of talking about grampa’s package is about as appealing as thinking that my sainted deceased gramma had S-E-X (rather than yet one more immaculate conception), so just bear with me here, ok? If it was your grampa I’d call it whatever I felt like, but this is MY grampa!![/sub] …prostrate.

Now a normal person would attach/have help attaching the night bag at night. Only my grandfather is a stubborn old man, and he’d rather I wake him every couple of hours during the evening so he can empty the day bag.

Thing is, he’s resting on his back on the couch, and the day bag is pretty much parallel with his…prostrate, and I don’t think gravity is working the way it should. If he had the night bag on him and it was attached to the bed rails and he was in his real bed sleeping soundly, the fluids would drip down. See what I mean? With the day bag the tube is kinda…NOT sloping downward as grampa lies on the couch on his back, and I have some visions of sewage back-up occuring.

Is this really really bad for him, or just ‘not so good’? And if it’s ‘not so good’, will it be a painful ‘not so good’? Cos if this is going to be a PAINFUL ‘not so good’ I will be able to talk him into realizing the error of his ways. But if it’s not that big of a deal, I’d like to know that, too.

I know you’re not a doctor and I should seek professional help, but since I’m up all night checking on him, by the time I go to bed and wake again all the real doctors around here are going to be gone for the weekend. And I’d kind of like some reassurance and/or horror stories so I know how to deal with him.

Thanks :slight_smile: